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  • LOYTEC launches the LTE-800 Interface that connects LOYTEC devices into a LTE network of a mobile provider.
  • In October 2019 LOYTEC welcomes more than 100 guests from around the world at the Buildings under Control Symposium in Vienna. Highlights of the event are IoT Support, VPN connectivity, the LOYTEC product plan 2020, more than 10 success stories and the 20 years of LOYTEC anniversary tour.
  • LOYTEC launches the new L-FOCUS Visualization Solutions brochure that combines L-VIS Touch Panels, L-STAT Room Operator Panels/Network Thermostats and the L-WEB Building Automation System. Control is just a touch away!
  • LOYTEC improves production quality with modern 3D inspection from Viscom.
  • The release 3.0 of the LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System offers a great deal of new features: In addition to supporting the integration of cameras (Vivotek and third party) via ONVIF protocol, the new multisite feature allows accessing multiple LWEB-900 Servers located at different sites with a single LWEB-900 Client.
  • The LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Couplers and the LDALI-MS2 Multi-Sensors successfully passed the DALI-2 certification process. LOYTEC is one of the first companies in the world and the first supplier in Europe to successfully implement the DALI-2 certification for DALI-2 input devices.
  • With the new L-FACTS Plus Info Folder customers can get a quick but detailed overview about LOYTEC product features.
  • LOYTEC presents the award-winning L-DALI lighting solution and the ground-breaking L-ROC room automation system at the Lightfair 2019, the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference in Chicago. 
  • With more than 200 pages the new LOYTEC Product Catalog 2019/2020 is the most comprehensive LOYTEC catalog ever.  
  • The new L-INX / L-GATE firmware release 7.0 offers a great deal of new features for the current generation of L-INX Automation Servers and L-GATE Gateways, such as VPN support, datapoint Web UI enhancements and protocol logs improvements. 
  • LOYTEC extends the production capacity with modern SIPLACE placement machines.
  • The new L-FOCUS L-ROC Room Automation brochure puts the benefits for a revolutionary IP based room automation system in a nutshell.
  • The L-STAT Room Operator Panel custom models now also offer optional EnOcean support. 
  • LOYTEC products and solutions for intelligent building automation are showcased on more than 30 exhibitions worldwide. One of the highlights is the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany where LOYTEC impresses with a representative booth showcasing upcoming innovations. 
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  • LOYTEC expands it's product range with LGATE-952LROC-102, powerful new IP Routers LIP-ME204C for BACnet and LIP-3333ECTC for LonMark Systems, and the LBOX-ROC2.
  • On November 24 the L-DALI Manchester Airport project wins "Project of the Year" at the London LUX Awards 2016 in the category "Industrial and Transport Lighting".
  • New 3D-Models of LOYTEC products on the website enable 360° view of the devices, additionally a VR mode was implemented.
  • LOYTEC-Products were tested regarding UL Standards and are now certified to display the certification labels "UL Certification Mark" and "Recognized Component Mark" (depending on product category).
  • The specialist group for information technology (UBIT) of the chamber of commerce awarded the LOYTEC project „Building Automation for a Malaysian Hypermarket“ as „Success Story of the Year“ 
  • LOYTEC's new DALI Controllers for LON and BACnet become available. 
  • LOYTEC electronics GmbH has officially joined Delta Group on April 29, 2016. Delta, established in 1971 in Taiwan, is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions.
  • The new LIOB‑586 I/‌O Controller is an IP-enabled, compact, programmable automation station for LonMark Systems and BACnet/‌IP networks with physical inputs and outputs and integrated graphical visualization.
  • As SMI member, LOYTEC supports distribution, application, and development of a communication interface between building management systems and motors for sunblind control, shading, or similar SMI applications.
  • The new LROC-400 Room Controller provides the basis for a revolutionary room automation system based on IP, which seamlessly integrates with native BACnet/IP networks and LonMark Systems at the controller level.
  • The language support of the LOYTEC website has been further extended. In addition to English, French, and German our product information, solutions, and news become now also available in Chinese, both traditional and simple.
LIP ME20xC ME204 150pxLOYTEC wins at Lux Awards 2016 Manchester AirportdeltaLDALI-3E104-ULROC-400



  • LOYTEC introduces the L-STAT network thermostat that allows to control room climate, lighting, sun blinds, ventilation, and also room occupancy via sensor buttons. The internal sensors of the L-STAT device measure temperature, humidity, brightness, occupancy, and also the CO2 level depending on the model.
  • The fifth Buildings under Control Symposium takes place in Vienna in October 2015. LOYTEC welcomes more than 100 attendees from all over the world.
  • LOYTEC presents the new "small" L-INX automation servers, the new LGATE-902 and new L-IP C model routers with LCD display and jog dial, two Ethernet ports, integrated network security features, support of WLAN, EnOcean, KNX, SNMP and many other useful features.
  • With the membership of LonMark France, the interest group of companies and institutions working with LON technology in the French-speaking regions, LOYTEC continues to focus on growth in France.
  • LWEB‑900 is now also a BACnet Operator Workstation that fully supports BACnet/IP devices of any manufacturer. In addition, LWEB‑900 is able to import L-Studio projects, designed for L‑ROC room automation resp. LIOB‑AIR VAV systems.
  • The L-DALI family of products welcomes new family members. The LDALI-BM1 pushbutton coupler integrates customary light pushbuttons and switches into a DALI channel. The LDALI-MS1 multi-sensor is responsible for motion detection and lux level measurements and the LDALI-RM1 relay module enables the control of standard consumers via a DALI channel.
  • LOYTEC reveals its VAV solution LIOB-AIR. LIOB-AIR is a fully IP based variable air volume controller (VAV controller) with a predefined, flexible, reprogrammable application program and sophisticated management functions for a building ventilation system.
  • LOYTEC becomes a member of the EnOcean Alliance. The EnOcean Alliance has the largest installed base of field-proven wireless building automation networks in the world.
  • The L-WLAN Wireless LAN Interface for the extension of LOYTEC devices with a wireless LAN connection and the L-ENO EnOCean Interface for the integration of EnOcean sensors and actuators in building automation become part of LOYTEC's comprehensive product portfolio.



  • LOYTEC enlarges its products range with L-WLAN. The new WLAN interfaces, LWLAN-80x, extend LOYTEC devices with a wireless LAN connection.
  • The LINX-120/121/220/221/150/151 Automation Servers, LGATE-950/951 Gateways, and LROC-100 Room Controllers provide connectivity to EnOcean sensors and actuators with the L-ENO EnOCean Interfaces.
  • Our website appears in a new and modern design and now also provides French language support. Besides the website, also the catalog is available in French, for a better dialog with our French speaking clients.
  • LOYTEC presents the glass L-VIS devices with 7” and 15” display that come with frameless glass front and capacitive touch.
  • With the company Vedotec from the Netherlands, LOYTEC wins another new strong partner as LOYTEC Competence Center.
  • Awards: LOYTEC is “Hidden Champion 3.0”, in recognition of outstanding merits for the Austrian export economy. We are also happy about the Silver Securitas award in the category “health and safety at work”, silver at the Constantinus European Awards and our nomination for the new Austrian enterprise award, “Crescendo”.
  • Thanks to the efficiency features of the room automation system L-ROC, LOYTEC received an eu.bac system certification of the highest class AA for its extension building at Blumengasse 37 in Vienna.
  • LOYTEC sets up a subsidiary in Taiwan. In March 2014, LOYTEC Asia Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, started its business activities in the Asian market. LOYTEC Asia emphasizes sales and technical support of LOYTEC products on the Asian continent.
Hidden Champion 3.0LOYTEC AsiaGlass L-VIS Touch PanelsLOYTEC Competence Center



  • The electronic production line could successfully move to the much larger production rooms of the annex of the headquaters in Vienna.
  • L-ROC Room Automation is consistently integrated in the new building. All HVAC components, lighting, shading, power monitoring, and even a photovoltaic system are controlled by the LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System.
  • Launch of the new L-IOB I/O Controllers LIOB-58x, a family of I/O BACnet/IP controllers with a programmable logic unit. These devices represents a tremendous asset in building automation in terms of power, flexibility, and distributed I/O interfaces.
  • In mid-October, the 4th Building under Control Symposium with a new record of participants takes place: The main theme is "safety of building networks".
  • New and important partnerships are concluded as "Competence Center" with the company Calon from the UK and Advance C from Russia.
  • Oriental Giken Inc., a client of LOYTEC's Competence Partner Network Corporation (NWC) in Japan, installed hundreds of L-IOB und L-INX devices for laboratory fume hoods, room automation, a brushing system, and an exhaust monitoring system at the prestigious Tokyo University.
LOYTEC BUCS 2013 LOYTEC BUCS 2013 Produktion LOYTEC 2013HQ LOYTEC electronics, Vienna



  • LOYTEC presents KNX-implementation for L-INX Automation Servers, L-ROC Room Controllers and the universal gateway LGATE-950. Now KNXnet/IP (Ethernet/IP) is supported by all of these devices.
  • Launch of the LIOB-18x line of products, of LGATE-951 and of LWEB-802, the visualization in a standard webbrowser.
  • Eleven LOYTEC devices at once are attested compliance with the international BACnet standard. All BACnet enabled L-INX Automation Servers, the L-GATE product line and the LIP-ME201 BACnet Router are BTL-certified now.
  • LOYTEC Americas expands and moves to a new location in Wisconsin.
  • As the erection of LOYTECs headquarters addition in Vienna proceeds, the topping-out ceremony can be held on August 9.
  • Awards: For the third time "Product of the Year" at the LonMark International Best of the Year Awards with the L-DALI CEA-709 Controller, Finalist at European Business Awards - the biggest European Business Award Program - with L-ROC, with L-WEB Nominee at CONSTANTINUS Awards (by the Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy and Information Technology), for the fifth (!) time laureate at Austria's Leading Companies (third place in the state of Vienna, seventh in the overall ranking, Wirtschaftsblatt), Health Award of Upper Austria (by the Economic Chamber of Upper Austria).
  • In June Sea Lion Sound opens, a new exhibit at the Zoo of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. There visitors can walk through an underwater tunnel into the sea lions' habitat to watch the animals swimming. Communication for the chiller of the giant aquarium is provided by a LINX-100 Automation Server.
  • In September the construction of the new REXHOLM distribution center and warehouse in Denmark is completed. The 15,000 m² facilities' lighting, HVAC and security systems are controlled by LINX-120, L-IOB and L-DALI.
    In the same month a trend-setting new building starts operation in Bavaria, Germany: High School Wendelstein. The energy concept of the building consequently relies on renewable energies and comprehensive system integration. 188 LOYTEC devices in total contribute to the smooth operation of the various systems.
RichtfestLIOB-180-perspective BTL_zertifikat



  • The LOYTEC Competence Partner Network experiences a significant expansion:
  • Renowned system houses on three continents become LOYTEC Competence Partners. And at the end of the year the first LOYTEC Competence Center is founded in Krakow, Poland, together with the previous distribution partner ZDANIA.
  • As LOYTECs headquarters in Viennese Blumengasse are bursting at the seems, an extension to the building is started. The ground breaking ceremony takes place on May 20th together with all employees.
  • As the first LOYTEC device LIOB-150 becomes certified by the international LonMark Organisation.
  • In October LOYTEC hosts the 3rd Buildings under Control Symposium at the new location Tech Gate Vienna. Here for the first time the new revolutionary room automation system L-ROC is presented to a wider public.
    Also since October the new LOYTEC corporate website is online and the first issue of the customer magazine LOYTEC Express was published in the same month.
  • First shipment of the DALI powersupply LDALI-PWR4-U.
  • Awards: Energy Globe Vienna for L-WEB (plus nomination for nationwide ranking), for the fourth time (!) winner at Austria's Leading Companies in the state of Vienna, third in the overall ranking (Wirtschaftsblatt), Mercur for an L-WEB application in the US (Innovation award of the Viennese Economic Chamber, special award 'Cooperation' plus nomination for the Austrian State Prize for Innovation).
  • In the Netherlands the famous Kröller-Müller-Museum attracts around 250.000 visitors each year with it's unique and comprehensive exhibition of prominent art of the 19th and 20th century. Lighting control managed by L-DALI Controllers and L-VIS Touch Panels is a special challenge in Europe's only daylight-museum.
  • In the town of Bilbao, Spain, the Iberdrola tower, 165 mt. in height, is completed. On the 41 floors of the concrete-, steel- and glass-giant 70 L-DALI Controllers and 35 L-INX-110 Automation Servers control 20.000 DALI luminaries and 5.000 automated sun blinds.



  • Introduction of the new „big“ L-VIS 12.1’’/15’’ and the multi-protocol L-INX 120/220 Automation Servers for LonMark systems and BACnet networks.
  • First shipment of the L-WEB software components LWEB-821 and LWEB-822.
  • The number of employees is over 40.
  • Awards: Winner at Austria’s Leading Companies in the state of Vienna, third in the overall ranking (Wirtschaftsblatt), Product of the Year (LonMark International, for the LINX-121 Automation Server).
  • ThyssenKrupp opens its new headquarters in Essen, Germany. Hundreds of LIP-3ECTB and LT-33 from LOYTEC were used in this impressive building.
  • At the end of the year Germany’s biggest office complex – measured by it’s gross floor area of 160,000 square meters – is finalized. The RTL media group moves into its new location, the land marked Rheinhallen in Cologne. Hundreds of L-IP Routers have been used to shape the network and a specific software solution for the redundant building management system had to be developed by LOYTEC.


  • Development of the new embedded platform (ARM9) for future L-INX, L-VIS and L-ROC products is started.
  • Development of L-IOB product family starts.
  • Celebration of 10 years anniversary, 35 employees.
  • Change of device housings to a new modern and efficient design implemented for all LOYTEC devices.
  • Organization of the second Buildings under Control Symposium in Vienna, Austria.
  • Awards: Product of the Year (LonMark International, for the LVIS-3E115 Touch Panel), Vienna Future Award for the most innovative application by the City of Vienna, Best Business Award for sustainable business management.
  • The world’s most spectacular stadium, the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium in Texas, USA, is opened. LOYTEC L-IP routers contribute their share in the success of this technical masterpiece.
  • The „Oasis of the Seas“, the world’s biggest cruise ship is launched. Aboard LOYTEC LIP-33ECRB redundant routers assure reliable air condition control.
10 years Loytec



  • Launch of the innovative L-WEB and L-INX, to the market.
    Awards: “Mercur”, the innovation award of the Viennese Chamber of Commerce, winner at Austria’s Leading Companies in the state of Vienna, fifth in the overall ranking, “Pegasus” for exceptional business performance (federal state of Upper Austria).



  • Establishment of the Paris field office for research and development.
  • Organization of the first Buildings under Control Symposium in Vienna, Austria.
  • Awards: „Trio“ of the year, category best innovative service (awarded by Austrian Chamber of Commerce ), „Schrittmacher“ award for best business idea (awarded by the newspaper Rundschau), Best Business Award for sustainable business management.
BUCS 2007



  • Move to the new LOYTEC company building Blumengasse 35, 1170 Vienna.
  • Launch of L-DALI and L-GATE.
  • Awards: Hans-Jörg Schweinzer is nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year, category start-up by Ernst & Young, Winner at Austria’s Leading Companies in the state of Vienna, third in the overall ranking (awarded by the economic daily Wirtschaftsblatt), finalist at „Mercur“ competition for the most innovative high tech product (Viennese Chamber of Commerce).
  • In Berlin the new central station commences operations. This means the operation of hundreds of LOYTEC devices, among them L-IP routers, L-Switches and L-Terms.
  • In Shenyang, China, the international garden exhibition opens its doors – with the world’s largest greenhouse and an exhibition hall ranging 12,000 square meters. The CEA-709 technology is used for HVAC and street lights. Effective network analysis tools and infrastructure components of LOYTEC are employed.



  • LOYTEC becomes member of the BACnet Interest Group (Big EU).
  • LOYTEC becomes partner of LonMark International.
  • Awards: Special price as most innovative small and medium enterprise at „Mercur“ competition (innovation award awarded by the Viennese Chamber of Commerce), Austrian Export Award, category "Information & Consulting“ for exceptional success in foreign markets.
  • In Sydney, Australia, the new Ernst & Young office complex is opened. L‑Switches, L‑IPs and L‑Proxys guarantee perfect connectivity within the automation network of the 44 stories building.
Ernst & Young Office Complex



  • The L-VIS touch panel for LonMark systems and the “system on a chip” LC 3020 are launched.
  • First ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • Establishment of the German field office.
    LOYTEC becomes associated member of LonMark International.
  • Conferment of the “Official Honoring” by the republic of Austria permits the use of the Austrian coat of arms in business matters.
  • Awards: Second place at the annual ranking of young entrepreneurs (Gewinn business magazine), most successful start-up company of Vienna, category „best service enterprise“ (awarded by the Young Economy Vienna organization), „Pegasus“ for exceptional economic achievements (awarded by the federal state of Upper Austria).



  • Foundation of LOYTEC Americas Inc., based in Texas, USA.
    Hans-Jörg Schweinzer is voted onto the board of LonMark Germany for the first time.
  • An addition is made of three new shareholders to the enterprise, all of them members of the company since inception. Therefore the number of proprietors rises to eight, all of them working for the entity.
  • Awards: Winner at “Entrepreneur of the year”, export category and fifth in the overall rating (Gewinn business magazine), „Mercur“ for the most innovative high tech product (innovation award of the city of Vienna).
  • In the new 136 meter high commercial Gallileo tower in Frankfurt, Germany, LOYTEC routers and gateways shape a perfect building automation network.



  • Application for a patent and first shipment of the L-Proxy multiport gateway for LonMark systems.
  • First shipment of the L-IP router to connect LonMark TP/FT-10 channels via the intra/internet.



  • Launch of the L-Switch router, which became the basis for economical routing for LonMark sytems.
L-Switch LS-13333C



  • Release of the Communication Co-processor LC 7093; manufacturing in Germany.



  • Foundation of LOYTEC electronics GmbH, software and hardware development for building automation, with five associates as the result of a spin off from the University of Technology Vienna (Institute for Computer Technology), Austria.
  • First product on the market: LPA-006 protocol analyzer for LonMark systems.