LTEThe LTE function refers to supporting mobile communication standards for LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. It is approved for the regions:

Deutsche Telekom (Europe), Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/U.S. Cellular/T-Mobile* (North America), Telus/Rogers* (Canada), GCF (Global), CE , FCC/PTCRB (North America), IC (Canada), Anatel (Brazil), IFETEL (Mexico) SRRC/CCC/NAL (China), KC (South Korea), NCC (Taiwan, China), JATE/TELEC (Japan), RCM (Australia & New Zealand), FAC* (Russia), NBTC (Thailand), IMDA (Singapore), ICASA (South Africa)

The corresponding LOYTEC devices require the LTE-800 Interface connected to a USB port, which provides for an easy and simple solution to connect remote sites together via a VPN network and expose defined on-site services. The LTE interface can also be used to send SMS directly. Typical LTE applications include remote management, energy monitoring, site visualization, SMS alarm notification.

* Under development