smi pictogram 60x60The Standard Motor Interface (SMI) is a bus protocol used to control SMI sunblind motors for shading. On closer examination, the SMI is a digital interface with the benefit to parallelize the connection of roller shutters and sun protection drives. Furthermore, the automation controller gets feedback from the drives and the possibility of flexible parameterization. This allows telegrams to be exchanged over the consistent interface, from the controller to the drive and vice versa. SMI drives from different manufacturers are compatible with each other. For drives that operate on mains voltage, the drive and controller are connected by a 5-core cable which both supplies power and transmits data. Distances of even up to 350 m between the controller and drive are possible. Up to 16 drives per SMI channel can be connected in parallel. In this way, the hardware expense is reduced significantly in comparison with today's conventional technology. Even when connected in parallel, the drive status can be queried by the sun protection controller.

The roller shutters and sun protection installations with SMI-drives can also be set up for operation without using a controller. The SMI drive has a setup mode through which drives can be activated using simple push buttons. The uniform interface is also available for low-voltage drives. This means that interior sun protection installations can also be controlled intelligently and accurately. Low-voltage drives can be recognized from the SMI LoVo symbol.