Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Network SecurityWLAN refers to a local wireless radio network compliant to the common Standard IEEE 802.11. It extends all protocols of the wired Ethernet of corresponding LOYTEC devices to a wireless communication.

For network integration into a WLAN, the corresponding LOYTEC devices need to be connected with an L-WLAN interface via USB. The USB bus supplies the L-WLAN device with energy and enables an automatic detection. It is also possible to connect the LOYTEC device with an existing WLAN Access Point, create a WLAN Access Point, or build up a Mesh network according to the IEEE standard 802.11s. The relatively new and emerging standard for Mesh networks offers numerous advantages. A major benefit of a mesh network is its autonomy. Devices which are configured as mesh point devices unite autonomously to one network in which Mesh points communicate via other Mesh points. To encrypt a WLAN network, the encryption methods WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are available. The Mesh network is encrypted via simultaneous authentication of equals (SAE), comparable to WPA2.