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Event Review


LOYTEC exhibited once again at the SBE 2019 in Milano, the biggest international trade fair in Italy focussing on home, building automation and system integration. Together with Delta Electronics, LOYTEC showcased its powerful range of products and energy saving solutions. Have a look at several photos!


LOYTEC exhibited at the Greenbuild 2019 fair which took place in Atlanta. Several live demos gave an impression on the capabilities of LOYTEC products and solutions. Take a look at some pictures of our booth!


Two LOYTEC presentations were held at LUMI Expo 2019 in Bologna. Mr. Paolo Lagana, LOYTEC Sales Manager Italy, focused on "Building Automation: Connectivity in intelligent Buildings" and Mr. Fabrizio Pagnini spoke about "Standardization of Lighting Control Systems with DALI-2".

Take a look at some pictures of both presentations!

sbi 2019

LOYTEC participated at the Smart Buidling Roadshow in Italy focusing on themes like connecting buildings to the network, showing the design of a smart building through the concept of building 4.0. BIM, BEMS, energy efficiency and new home automation. The workshops were all held in Italian language. The last stop of the Roadshow was in Bari, Italy. Have a look at some pictures!


Celebrating 20 years of LOYTEC, we hosted the Buildings under Control Symposium 2019 in Vienna this October. At Techgate Vienna, the LOYTEC team presented in-depth news on all relevant topics regarding building automation to an audience of our business partners from all over the globe.


Termmarket, LOYTEC Competence Center, showcased LOYTEC products and solutions at the international SODEX exhibition in Istanbul. Please have a look at some photos!


DiiA China Summit 2019 took place in Shanghai on November 19. The focus of the event was on DALI-2 Intelligent Lighting Controls @ Application Designs. Have a look at some photos!


LOYTEC exhibited exciting LOYTEC Building Automation products and solutions at the 2nd DIAL Smart Building Forum in Lüdenscheid, Germany. Thomas Bott, LOYTEC Sales Manager Germany Central Region, spoke about "Building Efficiency via axis-flexible room automation". Please have a look at some photos!

bacnet twin 2019

BACnet Building Automation Conference was an excellent opportunity to meet the LOYTEC team in Frankfurt. The expo is a unique place to be for experts of integrated building automation: planners, constructors, operators, facility managers, technical managers, integrators and consultants. The twin exhibition on “Cyber Security in Building Automation” and “System Integration in City Centers” provided information on innovations and success stories in building automation.


The LOYTEC team France, Mr. Frederic Caillet and Mr. Pierre Borderie, presented products and solutions for intelligent building automationat IBS 2019 in Paris!