L-TRIAC16 TRIAC Interface

The L-TRIAC16 is a TRIAC interface containing 16 0.5 A TRIACS that are controlled by 16 0/10 V outputs on a L-IOB, LROC-400 or LROC-402.

L-TRIAC16 wiring example


  • TRIAC interface for L-IOB, LROC-400 or LROC-402
  • Controls up to 16 0.5 A TRIACS using 0/10 V inputs
  • Up to 8 A total current

L-TRIAC16 TRIAC Interface Products

L-TRIAC16TRIAC Interface, 16 x Digital Output 0.5 A TRIAC, 16 x Digital Input (0/10 V)
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