IOTThe Internet of Things has brought forward an off-spring of devices with Web-based interfaces, such as Multimedia projectors, A/V systems, Smart-TVs, or smart light bulbs. LOYTEC’s groundbreaking JavaScript-based IoT integration allows to integrate them all. In short: If you can control it via app, you can integrate it into the building automation system or touch panel interface.

Typical applications are meeting rooms or auditoriums with scene control of lighting and shading, integration of third-party devices, and operation of multi-media equipment by the touch of a single button. Similar products from the consumer sector like a Sonos® audio system, Philips Hue lights or Alexa and friends can be connected to the LOYTEC building control system.

The IoT function (Node.js) allows connecting the system to almost any cloud service, either for uploading historical data to analytics services, delivering alarm messages to alarm processing services or operating parts of the control system over a cloud service (e.g., scheduling based on Web calendars or booking systems). Processing Internet information such as weather data in forecast-based control is also possible. Finally, the JavaScript kernel also allows implementing serial protocols to non-standard equipment in primary plant control.                                          


  • Easy integration of multi-media equipment into the building control system
  • Connect consumer products like Sonos®, Philips Hue, Alexa and friends
  • Uploading data to cloud services for further processing
  • Scheduling based on Web applications (e.g., Google Calendar)
  • Implementing custom serial protocols