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Forschung & Entwicklung  

Research and Development

The field of activities in development range from embedded systems through PC software to applications for mobile devices. Thereby, both Internet and building automation technologies (LonWorks, BACnet, KNX, etc.) are deployed. The activities involve specification, self-responsible system design, implementation of software in different coding languages (C, C++, C#, JavaScript, etc.), and also testing, on a module and system basis. Numerous interfaces to existing software modules, hardware, network protocols, and configuration software have to be considered. Additionally, the maintenance and extension of existing software modules can be part of the tasks. 

Qualitätsmanagement & Produkttest  


The production department covers various tasks from operating high-precision automatic placement machines and other machines through optical inspection and selective soldering to metal processing and the milling of enclosures. Every produced device is checked with an interactive testing system and exposed to different temperatures between 0–60°C in the climate cabinet for six hours.

Qualitätsmanagement & Produkttest  

Quality Management and Product Testing

Continuous improvement is the focus of our quality culture and runs like a golden thread through all fields of customer and supplier relationship, manufacturing devices, as well as developing software and hardware. Quality Management covers the quality assurance of our embedded systems and PC software. The core tasks of the testing department are the setup and execution of product tests. Thereby, a close cooperation with the development team is necessary, delivering valuable information for the improvement of our products. Additionally, the maintenance of test data bases and also the optimization of test procedures — for a continuous improvement of our products — count among the tasks in product testing. 

Support - Customer Service  

Support – Customer Service

The support team is on hand with help and advice for our clients and deals with technical questions and problems. The main tasks are the setup and testing of client specific application solutions, application focused client/project support, the preparation of documentation material, provision of instructions and trainings, and also the preparation and maintenance of training material.

Sales & Marketing  

Sales & Marketing

The sales department is considered to be the first point of contact for our customers and acts as the company’s representative. Customer service, customer acquisition, support for planners, quotation processing, and duties at fairs and exhibitions are part of the tasks.

The marketing team is responsible for online marketing, PR, and events. The tasks include maintenance and service of the website, press relations and image building, advertising, newsletter and mailing activities, the customer magazine LOYTEC Express, and also planning and implementing events. 

Finance & Controlling  

Finance & Controlling, Logistic & Export (Wildenhag, Oberösterreich)

The field of activities in the finance and accounting department encompasses financial accounting, taxes, reporting in accordance with statutory provisions, partner functions at audits, the contact to (foreign) authorities regarding taxes and duties, treasury management, assessment of liquidity, interpretation of operating figures, and also the collection and dunning process. The personnel accounting department is responsible for the billing and payment of wages and salaries, the calculation and deduction of taxes and duties, and also administrative tasks. Our logistic and export team takes care of warehousing and customer administration, including tasks like quote requests, order processing, and also monitoring of delivery dates.

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