Backup / Restore

Backup RestoreDepending on the device model, there exist several possibilities to backup and restore a device configuration. In principle, all LOYTEC devices with a built-in web server offer the backup and restore function on the Web interface. Also the Configurator tools provide this function for their respective device models. When using the L-WEB System, backups of device configuration can be created on a timely basis (e.g. once a day) and restored easily when needed. Devices with SD card support and USB port allow a device backup onto external storage. In this case, the backup and restore function is operated locally on the LCD display. In all cases, the LOYTEC device is restored with all data points, dynamic NVs and bindings, BACnet server objects and client mappings, etc. The device appears again as commissioned and online and is fully functional in the network. In case an LNS-based tool is used, the LNS device needs to be replaced, which can be done at a later time.