MP-Bus Interface

L MPBUSThe LMPBUS-804 connects up to four MP-Bus channels with up to 64 MP-Bus slaves to the USB port of the L‑INX Automation Server, L‑ROC Controller or L‑GATE Gateway Controller.

M-BUS Level Converter

l-mbus20_iconThe L-MBUS level converters are used to connect an M-Bus network to a L‑INX Automation Server, L‑ROC Room Controllers L‑GATE Gateway, or a LIOB‑586/587/588/589 I/O Controllers. Up to 20 or 80 M-Bus devices can be connected via L-MBUS20 or L-MBUS80.

L-ENO EnOcean Interface

LENO 800The L‑ENO EnOcean Interface integrates wireless self-powered sensors and micro-energy devices seamlessly into building automation with the use of L‑INX Automation Servers, the L‑ROC Room Controller, the L‑DALI Controllers and the L‑GATE Universal Gateways.

L‑SMI Standard Motor Interface

L-SMISMI is a bus protocol used to control SMI sunblind motors for shading. Up to 16 motors can be connected to the bus. The L-SMI interface connects an SMI bus to a L‑INX, L‑ROC, or L‑DALI controller.

KNX TP1 Interface

lknx-300_90The KNX-Interface LKNX‑300 allows the L‑INX Automation Servers, the L‑ROC Room Controllers, and the L‑GATE Universal Gateways to interface to KNX devices connected to a KNX TP1 Bus.

L-WLAN Wireless LAN Interface

LWLAN 800The LWLAN-800 Interface expands a LOYTEC device with a wireless LAN connection.

LTE Interface

LTE 800The L-TE Interface expands a LOYTEC device with a wireless mobile connection in the LTE network of a mobile provider.

LRS232-802 Interface

LRS232-802 InterfaceThe new LRS232-802 interface supports two RS-232 ports and is connected to the device’s USB port.

LOYREL-816 Relay Interface

LRS232-802 InterfaceThe LOYREL-816 is a relay interface containing eight 16 A relays.

L-TRIAC16 TRIAC Interface

L-TRIAC16 InterfaceThe L-TRIAC16 is a TRIAC interface containing 16 0.5 A TRIACS that are controlled by 16 0/10 V outputs on a L-IOB, LROC-400 or LROC-402.

LOYCNV-VA8 Voltage / Current Converter

LOYCNV-VA8 InterfaceThe LOYCNV‑VA8 is a voltage to current converter interface containing eight 4‑20 mA current outputs.

LOYCNV-PT1008 Voltage Converter

LOYCNV-PT1008 Voltage ConverterThe LOYCNV-PT1008 is a PT1000 to 0-10V interface containing eight channels for resistance to voltage conversion.