Emergency Lighting

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Self-contained or centrally powered emergency lights, dedicated emergency luminaires, or normal office luminaires with added emergency functionality, all types of emergency lighting can easily be integrated in a LOYTEC lighting system. This not only allows using the same wiring for conventional lighting as for emergency lighting, reducing installation cost, but also to integrate the required supervisory and monitoring functionalities into one SCADA system. This results in further cost savings and offers the facility manager a single operating interface for all functions of his building. As an additional benefit, function tests of the emergency system required by law can be automatically executed and results can be logged. 

In addition to the emergency lighting, the lighting system can be notified by the fire alarm system in case of an emergency situation. Now the lighting system can support the evacuation of the building by increasing light levels in the designated escape route, while reducing light levels in the areas to be left.

Emergency Lighting

Typical applications:

  • Office building
  • Public building
  • School
  • Parking lot
  • Shopping center
  • Sports arena
  • Hotel