L-DALI Wired

L-DALI: BACnet/DALI Controllers

LDALI_BACnetL‑DALI Controllers are multifunctional devices combining constant light control, sunblind control and gateway functions between DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and BACnet or Modbus systems.

L-DALI: CEA-709/DALI Controllers

ldali-cea-709_iconL‑DALI Controllers are multifunctional devices combining constant light control, sunblind control, and gateway functions between LonMark and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) systems.

LDALI‑PLC2 / LDALI‑PLC4: Programmable DALI Controller

LDALI-PLC4The LDALI‑PLC2/PLC4 controllers are powerful, programmable lighting controllers, which can be programmed by L‑STUDIO. 

LOY-DALI-SBM1 Sunblind Module

LOY-DALI-SBM1The LOY-DALI-SBM1 is a DALI module for controlling sunblinds.


LDALI-PWM4-xThe LDALI-PWM4-x is a 4 channel constant voltage LED driver suitable for constant voltage LED modules and LED strips.

LDALI-PD1 Phase-Cut Dimmer Module

LDALI-PD1 frontThe LDALI‑PD1 module enables the control of phase‑cut dimmed consumers via a DALI channel.


LDALI MS4The LDALI-MSx-BT are DALI-2 certified multi-sensors made for ceiling mounting - featuring Bluetooth beacon functionality.

LDALI-RM5 / LDALI-RM6 Relay Modules

LDALI-RM5The LDALI‑RM5/RM6 relay module allow integrating non DALI-luminaires or to control other loads with the LDALI-controller.

LDALI-RM8 Relay Module

LDALI RM8The LDALI‑RM8 Relay Module enables the control of standard loads via DALI.

L-DALI: Pushbutton Coupler

LDALI-BM2 frontThe LDALI‑BM2 pushbutton coupler integrates up to four customary light push buttons and switches into a DALI channel.

LDALI-PWR1-U Power Supply

LDALI-PWR1-UThe LDALI‑PWR1‑U is a DALI power supply for one channel with a guaranteed supply current of 50 mA (maximum supply current of 62 mA.

LDALI-PWR2-U / LDALI-PWR4-U Power Supplies

LDALI-PWR2-U DALI 2The DALI-2 power supplies LDALI-PWR2-U and LDALI-PWR4-U are used to power two or four DALI channels.

L-RC1 Infrared Remote Control

L RC1The L-RC1 is an infrared remote control, optimized for room automation applications. It allows the control of the room’s lights, sunblinds and HVAC system.