Local Manual Operation

Local Manual OperationThe LOYTEC device is equipped with a graphical LCD display (128x64) and a jog dial, which can be used for monitoring, testing, and configuration. The backlight is automatically turned off after 30 minutes of jog dial inactivity. Access to the display can be protected by a PIN code. The display can show the current device configuration and allows its modification. All basic settings (IP address, BACnet ID, etc.) can be made on the LCD display.

Apart from configuration, L‑INX Automation Servers and L-GATE Gateways with a graphical LCD display allow operating trend data backup to external storage (SD card or USB stick) and backup/restore of the entire device configuration. Also the state of the integrated data points can be displayed and modified. Remote access to the LCD display over an Ethernet/‌IP connection is made possible by the VNC protocol.

In L-IOB I/O Modules and Controllers, the graphical LCD display allows – apart from modifying the configuration – access to physical I/O data points and parameters. The data point state is displayed as a value and engineering unit, as a status text, or showing dynamic symbols. Inputs and outputs can be switched to manual mode on the display and thus be decoupled from the physical input or the output value from the logic application.