Human Centric Lighting

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Luminaires with tunable white functionality become more and more common. Tunable white luminaires allow changing the color temperature between warmer and cooler light dynamically. By automatically adjusting the color temperature of the artificial light over the course of a day, the natural change of the sunlight can be simulated – warmer light in the mornings and evenings, cooler light at noon, with unnoticed changes in between. Studies show that this biorhythm-friendly control strategy not only increases occupant’s subjective wellbeing, but also their productivity and accuracy. Due to the support for the human’s Circadian rhythm, it is often referred to as Circadian lighting. In hotel rooms, manual adjustment allows occupants to choose between warmer and cooler light depending on their individual preference or mood, in shops and supermarkets, the right color temperature is key when it comes to effectively presenting goods. LOYTEC’s lighting control solution allows for both automatic and comfortable manual adjustment of color temperature. Of course, any tunable white functionality can be combined with the other control strategies (occupancy based, constant light control and others) supported to provide human centric lighting at its best.

Typical applications:

  • Hotel rooms
  • Office and Meeting rooms
  • Shops
  • Museums
  • Supermarkets
  • Auditoriums