LIOB-ConnectThe LIOB-Connect port of a L-INX or L-ROC device allows connecting LIOB-10x Modules and provides a power and communication path without additional cabling. Regardless of the L-IOB type, up to 24 L-IOB I/O Modules are supported. This makes up to 24 LIOB-10x devices possible in a daisy chain. The first four LIOB-10x can be connected directly. Starting with the fourth LIOB-10x, the LIOB-Connect chain needs to be divided into two (or more) segments using LIOB-A4 and LIOB-A5 adapters.

Parameterization of the I/O modules is done by the Configurator software or over the Web interface of the L-INX or L-ROC device. All parameter data is stored on the L-INX Automation Server or the L-ROC Room Controller and can be downloaded to the L-IOB Modules again if needed. When replacing a L-IOB Module, it is detected and integrated again automatically.