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LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-xxx LIP-ME20x LDALI-xxx Firmware Release 8.2.6

LINX 153

LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-xxx LIP-ME20x LDALI-xxx Firmware for all L-INX Automation Servers, L-GATE Gateways (for BTL-certified LGATE-900 devices start from serial no. 009714-xxxxxxxxxxxx), L-ROC Room Controllers, LIP-ME20x Routers, LIOB-AIRx Controllers, LIOB-xxx Controllers and L-DALI Controllers.

L-INX / L-GATE / L-ROC / L-IOB / LIP-ME20x / L-DALI 8.0 Release Tutorial

This video presents several new features of the new firmware release.


0:12  iCalendar Scheduler
2:54  BACnet/SC
4:40  Improvements of the Web Interfaces
5:39  Node-RED 3.0
6:23  Edge Trigger of Trends
6:58  New Modbus Dialogue

L-INX Configurator 8.2.6

LINX 153

The L-INX Configurator (64-bit) is the configuration tool for all versions of the L-INX Automation Servers, the L-IOB I/O Modules and Controllers, L-DALI Controllers, the L-GATE Universal Gateways and also for configuration of L-ROC Room Controllers with L-STUDIO.

LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System Software 4.2.4

lweb 900 240The integrated building management software LWEB-900 provides a user interface to manage and operate a LOYTEC building management system. LWEB-900 is a highly flexible and scalable solution which accompanies you from installation and configuration of LOYTEC devices (L-INX Automation Servers, L-IOB I/O Modules and Controllers with IP connectivity, L-ROC Room Controllers, L-GATE Gateways, L-PAD / L-VIS Touch Panels), all the way to daily operation of the facilities.

Features of the LWEB-900 4.0 Release

This video presents several new features of the new software release.

0:11 VPN Integration
2:34 Migration of the Database
3:13 Firewall Settings
3:46 Change the Password of Devices
4:16 Firmware Update of DALI Devices
4:55 Node-RED Enhancements
5:13 Configuration of the Master Schedulers
5:40 Notes
6:35 SMS Notifications
7:12 Backup to a Network Folder
7:55 Export of Projects

LWEB-803 Release 4.6.10 - Visualization PC-Version

LWEB 803

LWEB-803 Visualization on Windows PC, free visualization on a PC together with L-INX Automation Server, L-ROC Room Controller, LGATE-95x Gateway, L-VIS Touch Panel, and L-IOB I/O Controller.

LWEB-803 Visualization (32-bit)
LWEB-803 Visualization (64-bit)

Download the latest version of the LWEB-802/803 User Manual.