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NIC - Network Interface Software 4.2.4

The Network Interface Software consists of NIC device drivers (NIC709-IP1E100, NIC709-IP3E100, NIC709-IP1E100C, NIC709-IP3E100C, NIC709-PCI100, NIC709-USB100) and supports all LOYTEC devices with RNI (Remote Network Interface).

LIP-1ECTC LIP-3ECTC LIP-33ECTC LIP-3333ECTC NIC709-IPxE100C Firmware Release 8.0.8


LIP-1ECTC LIP-3ECTC LIP-33ECTC NIC709-IPxE100C Firmware for the L-IP series "C" models LIP-1ECTC, LIP-3ECTC, LIP-33ECTC, LIP-3333ECTC as well as the network interfaces NIC709-IP3E100C and NIC709-IP1E100C. They come with two Ethernet ports and the configuration setup can be done easily via the jog dial and LCD. These devices also support enhanced security features such as a built-in firewall, and a secure Web interface even during the installation process using HTTPS with self-signed or installable CA certificates. By configuring separate IP networks on the two Ethernet ports, the CEA-852 network can be entirely isolated from the configuration interface.

L-IP User Manual

For perfect integration into building management software such as the LWEB-900 by LOYTEC, the L-IP series “C” models offers an embedded OPC UA server with certificate authentication, which exposes important operational parameters as OPC tags. For enhanced maintainability by IT departments, these models provide the same data also through an SNMP server. Together with the LWLAN-800 adapter, these L-IPs can operate CEA-852 on the WLAN. By setting up an access point on the Ethernet network, the device can be used to distribute FT channels on a wireless network.

LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-xxx LIP-ME20x LDALI-xxx Firmware Release 8.0.8

LINX 153

LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-xxx LIP-ME20x LDALI-xxx Firmware for all L-INX Automation Servers, L-GATE Gateways (for BTL-certified LGATE-900 devices start from serial no. 009714-xxxxxxxxxxxx), L-ROC Room Controllers, LIP-ME20x Routers, LIOB-AIRx Controllers, LIOB-xxx Controllers and L-DALI Controllers.

L-INX / L-GATE / L-ROC / L-IOB / LIP-ME20x / L-DALI 8.0 Release Tutorial

This video presents several new features of the new firmware release.


0:12  iCalendar Scheduler
2:54  BACnet/SC
4:40  Improvements of the Web Interfaces
5:39  Node-RED 3.0
6:23  Edge Trigger of Trends
6:58  New Modbus Dialogue

L-STUDIO Engineering Tool / Software - Release 3.2.6

l-studioL-STUDIO is the ultimate development and integration platform for programmable LOYTEC controllers, such as the L-INX automation servers, L-ROC room control system or programmable visualization solutions such as the LPAD-7. It combines the major building automation disciplines -programming, communication, and visualization - into a single tool.

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