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L-STAT Firmware Release 3.2.4


The new L-STAT Firmware for the Room Operator Panels / Network Thermostats LSTAT-8xx-Gx-Lx is ready. 

The L-STAT is a network thermostat with a modern, minimalistic look that fits any interior design. It is directly connected to a LOYTEC controller with a Modbus interface such as L-INX, L-ROC, LIOB-AIR or L-GATE. The L-STAT’s internal sensors measure temperature, humidity, dew point, occupancy, and CO2 level. Eight capacitive touch buttons are used to cycle through sensor values, display parameters, and adjust set points.

LDALI-MS2-BT/MS4-BT/ PWM4/RM5/RM6/PD1/MS2/ BM2/RM3/RM4/RM8 Firmware Release 3.24


The new firmware for the LDALI-MS2/MS2-BT/MS4-BT Multi-sensors, LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Coupler, LDALI-RM3 / LDALI-RM4 / LDALI-RM5 / LDALI-RM6 / LDALI-RM8 Relay Modules, LDALI-PD1 and LDALI-PWM4 is ready for download.

LOYTEC L-DALI Field Device User Manual is also available. 

LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-xxx LIP-ME20x LDALI-xxx Firmware Release 7.6.14

LINX 153

LINX-xxx LGATE-xxx LROC-xxx LIOB-xxx LIP-ME20x LDALI-xxx Firmware for all L-INX Automation Servers, L-GATE Gateways (for BTL-certified LGATE-900 devices start from serial no. 009714-xxxxxxxxxxxx), L-ROC Room Controllers, LIP-ME20x Routers, LIOB-AIRx Controllers, LIOB-xxx Controllers and L-DALI Controllers.

The L-INX Configurator (32-bit) / L-INX Configurator (64-bit) is the configuration tool for all versions of the L-INX Automation Servers, the L-IOB I/O Modules and Controllers, L-DALI Controllers, the L-GATE Universal Gateways and also for configuration of LIOB-AIR Controllers and L-ROC Room Controllers with L-STUDIO.

L-INX / L-GATE / L-ROC / L-IOB / LIP-ME20x / L-DALI 7.6 Release Tutorial

This video presents several new features of the new firmware release.


0:15 BTL Test Plan 16
0:54 Structure of the System Registers
1:21 Historic Filters
2:09 WiFi Enterprise
2:44 Node-RED Enhancements

L-CALC Calculation Tool Release 3.6

L-CALC Calculation Tool

LOYTEC presents the latest release of the exclusive L-CALC tool! According to your requirements, L-CALC quickly and reliably calculates the appropriate selection of LOYTEC L-INX, L-IOB, and L-VIS devices. L-CALC optimizes the device list for the lowest price! L-CALC now includes the latest prices (January 2023).

The L-CALC tool is available exclusively for LOYTEC Competence Centers and LOYTEC Competence Partners. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further instructions.