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Routers, NIC

L-IP-RouterThe L-IP Router connects twisted pair channels (TP/‌FT‑10 or TP/‌XF-1250) with the Ethernet/‌IP channel (IP-852) in LonMark Systems.

L-IP-Router-BACnetThe LIP-ME201C, LIP-ME202C, and LIP-ME204C BACnet/‌IP Routers connect BACnet MS/‌TP channels to a BACnet/‌IP network. The BACnet routers are compliant with the standards ASHRAE 135‑2012 and ISO 16484‑5:2012.

L-IP-Router-RedundantThe L-IP Redundant connects twisted pair channels (TP/‌FT‑10 or TP/‌XF-1250) with the Ethernet/‌IP-852 channel in LonMark Systems and allows building a redundant network infrastructure.

NIC-groupLOYTEC NICs are the most universal network interfaces for CEA‑709 and IP-852 (Ethernet/‌IP) channels.

LPAThe LOYTEC Protocol Analyzer (LPA) for LonMark Systems captures all data packets on CEA‑709 or IP-852 networks and displays all recorded packets on a PC screen.