Rexholm Logistics Center, Holstebro, Denmark, 2012

Rexholm_rampsIn September 2012 the construction of the new REXHOLM distribution center and warehouse was completed in Holstebro, Denmark. Internationally known under the brand “ID Identity”, the new 15,000 square meters facility is the central point for REXHOLM’s textile business in Scandinavia. The building’s electrical and mechanical systems were engineered by G+H’s subsidiary Grue + Kirkgaard, and the backbone of the BMS was engineered and supplied by G+H.

Composed of LOYTEC’s LINX-120 Automation Servers and fifty L-IOB and L-DALI modules and controllers, the BMS is divided into three primary zones which operate the electrical and mechanical systems of the entire facility. The three zones are configured to be semi-independent, and consist of the facilities offices, technical rooms, and warehouse sections. The primary purpose of the BMS is to automatically control the facilities’ lighting, HVAC, fire detection, and fire/security system failures.

Through the use of the LINX-120 Automation Servers, G+H has uniquely engineered the BMS without a centralized SCADA system. This means that all functionalities are controlled and monitored by the LINX-120 Automation Servers. This configuration allows for the operation of all web-based services by the LINX-120 Automation Servers, providing to the facility operators both change and failure notifications via email and text messaging, as well as secured remote access and servicing via an internet portal.

Rexholm_GH_Management Rexholm_Liob Rexholm_warehouse Rexholm_Interior

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-120, L-IOB I/O Modules, L-DALI

Location Holstebro, Denmark
Number of Nodes
Topology NA
Companies involved
Grue + Hornstrup A/S (G+H)
LOYTEC Components LINX-120,
L-IOB I/O Module,