LRS232-802 Interface

The LRS232-802 Interface expands a LOYTEC device by two RS-232 serial ports. It is connected to the USB port of the device and can be configured to run Modbus ASCII or a custom serial protocol implemented by a script module (script requires the L-IOT1 license). The LRS232-802 can be used with compatible L-INX Automation Servers, L-ROC Room Controllers, L-IOB I/O Controllers, L-DALI Controllers, L-GATE Universal Gateways, and with most L-VIS Touch Panels. Due to the USB bus interface, the device does not need a power supply and it is detected automatically.


  • Provides two RS-232 ports
  • Configuration through web interface and LINX Configurator
  • Supports Modbus ASCII over RS-232
  • Supports custom serial protocols on RS-232 (L-IOT1 license required)

LRS232-802 Interface Products

LRS232-802USB to 2x RS-232 Interface
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