LIOB-FTThe LIOB-FT port allows operation of remote LIOB-15x Modules. These are connected by twisted pair cabling of up to 500 m length in free topology or more than 500 m in bus topology. The maximum number of supported LIOB-15x Modules depends on the L-INX Automation Server model, the L-IOB IP I/O Controller model, or the L-ROC Room Controller model.

Parameterization of the I/O Modules is done by the Configurator software or over the Web interface of the L-INX, L-IOB IP or L-ROC device. All parameter data is stored on the L-INX Automation Server, the L-IOB IP I/O Controller, or the L-ROC Room Controller and can be downloaded to the L-IOB Modules again when needed. When replacing a L-IOB Module, it is detected and integrated again automatically.