Entry Options

Your start at LOYTEC can be so versatile

Newcomers and professionals

Both graduates and professionals with years of experience are highly welcomed! We give everyone the chance to exhibit their talent.


As a company that offers apprenticeships (at the branch office in Wildenhag, Upper Austria), the profession of office administrator is taught very successfully for several years at our firm. Our most experienced apprentice trainer has already accompanied many individuals on their way towards their final professional exams.

Traineeships for HTL-students

Every year, students from technical engineering schools serve their obligatory internships during summer vacation at our company. Under professional guidance of our experienced staff, the up-and-coming young talents deepen their knowledge and gather firsthand practical experience in the fields of software development and mechatronics.

Practical training for FH-students

Every year we provide several training vacancies for students from colleges of technology to complete their obligating practice semester. In this way, especially talented young technicians are able to learn on a very high level in permanent dialog with technology leading LOYTEC experts and to prepare their diploma thesis. Systematic and continuous integration into the project teams and close cooperation in developing new products offers formative insight into conditions of practice. The future engineers are supported by experienced tutors and benefit from the LOYTEC training system for their future career .

Thesis for university students:

University students have the possibility of writing their thesis in cooperation with LOYTEC. This provides them with the special opportunity of combining theory and practice, conducting application oriented research, and developing solution approaches for current engineering problems. Support and advice are provided by our experienced engineers.