Energy Data Acquisition



An energy data acquisition and analysis system should be implemented to record and file energy and water consumption and – based on these data - to compile consumption reports. The system has to be able to connect meters with different communication interfaces including M-Bus, Modbus, CEA-709, and BACnet. In addition it needs to be able to accept meter pulses  (SO). The energy data acquired locally should be provided to a central data server over the Internet. Therefore the data should be either polled by the data center by using Web services or should be sent out by email.


This task can be solved by a combination of LOYTEC hardware and software product. A L-INX Automation Server is used for the local data acquisition. The necessary meters will be connected via CEA-709, Modbus or BACnet-interfaces. Additionally M-Bus meters are connected by using the L-MBUS Level Converter and SO meters are handled via binary inputs of L-IOB I/O Modules.
The L-INX Automation Server is processing the meter information and stores the meter values locally in non-volatile memory. From time to time the data is transferred to the overriding L-WEB System, where the LWEB-900 Server stores the data in a SQL database. Depending on the firewall configuration the LWEB-900 Server is either fetching the data by using Web services or the L-INX Automation Server sends out the data via email attachments (CSV file).


After collecting the data over L-INX Automation Servers and the long-term storage with the LWEB-900 Server, the meter data stored in the LWEB-900 Server database is used to generate energy consumption reports. Design and generation of reports is also done with LWEB-900. Reports are based on templates and can easily and quickly be adapted. It is also possible to create customized templates for specific requirements. The reports are generated either automatically based on freely configurable intervalls or on user demand. Reports can be printed, stored on a file server, or sent out via email attachment.


Permanent acquisition and analysis of energy consumption data are the first important steps towards filing the current operation conditions, identifying where energy is wasted and to launching counter measures. With LINX Automation Servers and the L-WEB System a powerful energy data acquisition and evaluation system can be installed. Standardized interfaces not only allow the simultaneous connection of energy meters with different interfaces; also the forwarding of data to building management– and ERP-systems is possible, thanks to the support of BACnet, CEA-709, OPC or FTP-access. The data transfer from local L-INX Automation Servers to an LWEB-900 Server does not require a continuous IP connection. In case of Internet connectivity using restrictive firewalls the L-INX Automation Servers can email out the meter data and the LWEB-900 Server retrieves the emails from an email server automatically and writes the data into the SQL database.


Energy Data Acquisition
  • Acquisition of energy consumption data with L-INX Automation Servers
  • Configuration with the L-INX Configurator
  • Long term data storage with LWEB-900 Server
  • Data transmission either via web services or as email attachment (CSV)
  • Energy report design and creation with LWEB-900
  • Automatic report printing, storage on file server, forwarding via email or filing on a Web server
  • User management

Range of application:

Energy Data Acquisition
Community facilities:
  • Kindergardens and schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public swimming pools
  • Retirement and care homes
  • Sport halls
  • Administration buildings
Business facilities:
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Airports
  • Railroad stations
  • Production halls
  • Warehouses

Case Studies: