KNX TP1 Interface

The KNX-Interface LKNX‑300 allows the L‑INX Automation Servers, the L‑ROC Room Controllers, and the L‑GATE Universal Gateways to interface to KNX devices connected to a KNX TP1 Bus. The LKNX‑300 Interface needs to be connected to the EXT-Port on the L‑INX/L‑ROC/L‑GATE devices.

For the KNX integration, LOYTEC’s L‑INX/L‑ROC/L‑GATE devices use an ETS4/ETS5 project. The project data is exported from the ETS4/ETS5 software and then imported in the LOYTEC L‑INX Configurator. Thus, up to 250 or 1 000 data points from the KNX network can be used by the L‑INX/ L‑ROC/ L‑GATE devices on each port supporting KNXnet/ IP or KNX TP1.

LGATE-950 and LKNX


  • KNX TP1 Interface for L‑INX, L‑ROC, and L‑GATE
  • Access to a maximum of 250 or 1 000 KNX data points via KNX TP1 (L‑INX/L‑ROC/L‑GATE)
  • Configurable through ETS4/ETS5 software via XML import
  • Connected to the L-INX Automation Server, L-ROC Room Controller or L-GATE Gateway via port EXT

KNX TP1 Interface


KNX interface to connect KNX TP1 devices

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