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L-IOB I/O Modules

liob-100_iconLIOB-10x/11x I/O Modules extend L-INX Automation Servers, L-ROC Room Controllers and or LIOB-586/588/589 I/O Controllers with physical inputs and outputs or bidirectional IOs.

liob-150_iconThe LIOB-15x Modules are LonMark certified and communicate over TP/FT-10 in the LonMark System.

liob-450_iconThe LIOB-45x Modules are LonMark certified and communicate over Ethernet/IP-852 in the LonMark System.

liob-550_iconThe LIOB-55x Modules communicate over Ethernet/IP in the BACnet/IP network. They adhere to the BACnet Building Controller Profile (B-BC) and either expose their I/O data points through BACnet server objects or actively fetch them from a BACnet server via BACnet client maps.