Corridor Link

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In addition to lighting control via presence detection and manual mode with shut-off delay (corridor lighting) more complex lighting strategies can be implemented. A common example for the corridor link function is when corridor lights must be on whenever there are people in the area. Occupants shall never feel uncomfortable when they have to enter an unlit corridor. Thus, corridor lights are always on, as long as the adjacent offices are occupied. For these adjacent corridors a lower dimming value can be selected optionally and be used as long as the corridor is empty but adjacent offices are occupied. As soon as someone enters the corridor the lighting dimming value will be increased.


Other examples are applications, where the exit route for all occupied offices has to be illuminated in case of a fire alarm or where one area has to be lit up after the other for a night guard to walk through the building.

Typical applications:

  • Corridor
  • Parking lot