EnoceanEnOcean is a radio protocol for wireless products in building automation and is defined in the international standard ISO/‌IEC 14543‑3‑10. Switches, like sensors with EnOcean technology just need little energy for sending short radio signals. The energy is mainly produced from piezoelectricity during switching (energy harvesting), the energy of solar panels, or Peltier elements. This energy is sufficient for a batteryless, hence maintenance free operation of the sender. The wireless protocol is geared to transfer information energy efficiently yet highly reliable. Frequency bands with regional differences are used. Europe: 868.3 MHz, US/Canada: 902 MHz (also 315 MHz), and Japan: 928 MHz.

For the integration of EnOcean radio switches and sensors into LOYTEC devices with EnOcean support, an EnOcean interface of the LOYTEC product family L-ENO is necessary. The L-ENO interface is simply connected via a USB cable. Also the energy for the EnOcean interface is supplied via USB likewise automatic detection.