Austria Campus, Vienna, 2018


With a gross floor area of 303 000 square meters, AUSTRIA Campus is one of the top emerging business locations in Vienna. With thousands of LOYTEC products, you soon can experience building automation at the highest level.

Within the next five years, building on the premises will result in modern and sustainable office complexes equipped with their own infrastructure and connection to public transport. Upon completion, more than half of the total office area will be used for the Austrian headquarters of UniCredit Bank Austria. Other planned buildings are a hotel, some commercial areas, a conference center, a medical center, a kindergarten, and a canteen restaurant, amongst others.

GTS Automation was able to shine with their complete solution, providing their flexible axis concept and the combining of room operation elements like lighting, sunblind control, or room conditioning. This grants builders high flexibility for renting out their property. 


Foto: SIGNASome of the most significant features of L-ROC Room Automation: 

•       Presence-dependent comfort control
During occupancy periods, the comfort limits for heating and cooling temperature setpoints is relatively small, whereas it gets larger during standby or unoccupied periods. This saves energy without a loss in comfort. A scheduler and/or presence detectors can be used to switch between the setpoints.

•       Constant light control
This lighting function ensures that the light is switched on only when someone is present in the room and then, in consideration of the daylight, artificial light is dimmed to reach a fixed lighting setpoint (e.g. 500 lux at an office building workplace).

•       Energy level selection
Depending on the occupancy evaluation of the room, the system automatically switches between the different setpoints for room temperature control. This ensures, for example, that the energy-intensive comfort temperature setpoint is only regulated when the room is occupied.

•       Daylight harvesting
Control of the sun blinds depends on the sun's position, which can ensure glare-free lighting while at the same time allowing for an optimum use of daylight. 

Interesting Facts

Location Vienna, Praterstern
Project runtime March 2016 - August 2018
Contractor SIGNA Group
Companies involved GTS Automation GmbH
evon XAMControl
LOYTEC room control  

1 000 x LROC-400 Room Controller in redundant ring configuration
3 000 x L-STAT Room Operator Panels (with CO2 and motion detector)
7 320 Room segments
32 000 DALI luminaires
9 000 SMI sunblinds
4 000 KNX multi sensors
8 400 Electrothermal actuators