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Training goal

The training participant is familiar with the LOYTEC L-ROC concept and in particular the L-ROC Standard Solution and can plan and implement corresponding projects based on the Standard Solution.
The training participant is able to create the corresponding visualizations using the LOYTEC standard templates and to carry out the necessary parameterization/commissioning.

Target group

  1. Depending on which project phase you are in, a standard distinction is made between at least the following different project participants:
    1. Calculation/Sales (KAL)
    2. Project management (PL)
    3. Factory and assembly planning (WMP)
    4. Programming (PRG)
    5. Commissioning (IBN)
  2. The training is divided into 4 courses. We strongly recommend that all persons involved in an L-ROC project inform themselves according to the following overview:

LROC training courses (online or 3 days)

1. L-ROC information in general (to be carried out by KAL, PL, WMP, PRG, IBN - approx. 30 minutes)

2. L-ROC project planning, preparation and the standard application (to be carried out by KAL, PL, WMP, PRG, IBN - approx. 60 minutes)

3. L-ROC with L-STUDIO (to be carried out by PRG - approx. 8-10 hours)

4. L-ROC picking (durchzuführen von PRG, IBN - approx. 8 hours)


  • System design based on a sample project
  • Creating the application for the sample project using the standard solution
  • Create virtual room operator panels and use them with LWEB-802/803 using the standard visualization templates
  • Creation of floor plan visualizations using the standard visualization templates
  • Integration into LWEB-900 using standard parameter view templates
  • Set the most important function parameters using the LWEB-900 parameter views and the L-ROC Web Config interface
  • Test the functions

Recommended prior knowledge

  • Working with the L-INX Configurator (LTRAIN-GATEWAYS: favorite data points, LIOB-I/O configuration, ...)
  • Working with the L-VIS Configurator (LTRAIN-GRAPHICS : display elements, display of data point values, ...)
  • Working with LWEB-900

You can use this link to download the configuration software, manuals and clear training videos on these topics free of charge. If you register (login), you get access to the entire download area.

Events for LTRAIN-LROC Trainings

Complete LTRAIN-LROC as an online training or as a classroom training (3 days) upon request.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..