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Product News

Friday, October 16 2020
LWEB 803
  • LWEB-803 Visualization on Windows PC, free Visualization on a PC together with L-INX Automation Server, L-ROC Room Controller, LGATE-95x Gateway, L-VIS Touch Panel, and L-IOB I/O Controller.

  • Download the latest version of the LWEB-802/803 User Manual.
Friday, October 16 2020
LWEB 802
  • LWEB-802 Visualization via Web Browser

    LWEB-802 is a web application which runs in a web browser. Therefore, LWEB-802 is platform independent and can also be executed on Android and iOS devices.

  • The LWEB-802 web application can be accessed using following URL: 
    Runs in the following web browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Internet Explorer 10/11, Edge, Android web browser, iOS web browser

  • Download the latest version of the LWEB-802/803 User Manual.
Saturday, October 10 2020


Solución completa en una interfaz de alta calidad

  • Pantalla táctil multiprocotocolo con web server integrado, diferentes tamaños y opciones de marco
    (cristal o aluminio).
  • Integración con redes OPC UA, BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, CEA-709, Modbus RTU y Modbus TCP/IP.
  • Desarrollo de gráfi cos completamente personalizados desde un software de confi guración gratuito.
    ¡Descargable desde nuestra página web!
  • Creación y confi guración de alarmas (visuales y audibles), horarios y tendencias para cientos de puntos de control.
  • Monitoreo y control de manera local y remota desde cualquier computadora, tablet o celular
    (hasta 32 usuarios conectados al mismo tiempo). Integración con OpenVPN.
  • Ejecución de Node.js y Node-RED integrado para aplicaciones IoT.
  • Opciones para configurar diferentes jerarquias de usuarios y contraseñas.
  • Envio de correos electrónicos.
  • Integración de aplicaciones completas sin necesidad de pagar por licencias de software ni certificaciones.

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 LVIS Group
Saturday, October 10 2020

LIOB 585 ad

The LIOB-585 Controller from LOYTEC is the first to control unitary and terminal equipment in the building space with full IoT connectivity, interacting with other building systems and people.

Over 90 applications are available for heating and cooling applications, in addition to a custom design mode. Users can select their own configuration options without needing software. For advanced users, LIOB-585 remains fully programmable. Graphics and a wiring diagram are automatically generated based on the configuration. Device historical trend capacity is 4 million entries for multiple years of data storage, an enormous value for diagnostic use and enterprise system analysis.

Terminal and Unitary Solutions with LIOB 585

One multi-lingual device for Terminal and Unitary applications

Powerful devices are required for IP systems. LIOB-585 supports full security, encryption, VPN, WIFI, mesh, and LTE options. Coupled with simultaneous multiple protocols provides an excellent retrofit choice and future migration.

node red hexagon   Industry leading IoT connectivity

A user friendly Node-REDTM interface encourages all types of people to connect LOYTEC devices with their systems.

Notable Features

  • Simultaneous multi-protocol (BACnet, Modbus, MPBus, OPC, LON, SNMP, EnOcean and others)
  • IoT ready with Node-Red, the easy to use IoT interface
  • WiFi, mesh, and LTE modem options for projects new and existing
  • Over 90 preconfigured applications, custom mode, or fully programmable using L-STUDIO program
  • Thousands of data points available for custom programming
  • Device has built-in LCD for local overrides and system settings

Find out more: