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2021-02-15, 週一
lweb 900 240

整合樓宇管理軟體LWEB‑900提供使用者介面,管理與運作羅伊特樓宇管理系統。LWEB‑900是個擁有高度彈性與可擴充性的解決方案,可用於安裝與設置羅伊特裝置(L‑INX自動化伺服器、L‑IOB I/‌O模組與IP連線能力的控制器、L‑ROC房間控制器、L‑GATE閘道、L‑VIS觸控螢幕)及日常運作。通用的樓宇自動化系統使用者介面,適用於專案的每個時期.

LWEB-900 3.0 教程


支援ONVIF協定 0:12
自動發現LOYTEC設備 1:10
支援多站點 1:33
M&V報告 2:15
導覽視景改進 2:42
支援LWEB3 2:59
LWEB-900新資料點 3:25
使用者管理對話框 3:47
從LWEB-900用戶端進行專案備份 4:05
發送消息給連接的LWEB-900使用者端 4:22
使用者介面改進 4:42
在背景執行任務 5:12
安全改進 5:28
其他新功能 6:31

2021-01-04, 週一
  • L-STUDIO 2.1.6. 是世界上第一個以IEC61499為基礎的房間自動化系統。可運用L-ROC裝置的分佈式系統來實現任何房間功能。
2020-12-23, 週三

LINX 153

L-DALI 7.2 Release Video / Tutorial

This video presents several new features of the new firmware release.

2020-12-07, 週一

The LIOB-585 Controller from LOYTEC is the first to control unitary and terminal equipment in the building space with full IoT connectivity, interacting with other building systems and people. Over 90 applications are available for heating and cooling applications, in addition to a custom design mode. Users can select their own configuration options without needing software. For advanced users, LIOB-585 remains fully programmable. Graphics and a wiring diagram are automatically generated based on the configuration. Device historical trend capacity is 4 million entries for multiple years of data storage, an enormous value for diagnostic use and enterprise system analysis. 

Find out about even more features here.

Unitary Tutorial 1.0

This tutorial describes how to use the unitary control applications.

Terminal Tutorial 1.0

This tutorial describes how to use the terminal control application.