LOYBT-TEMP1 Bluetooth Mesh Temperature Sensor

Bluetooth Mesh

The LOYBT-TEMP1 Bluetooth sensor is a battery powered sensor for measure‑ ments of room temperature and relative humidity. It acts as a low‑power node in a Bluetooth Mesh network and publishes sensor data on change of value as well as periodically.

The device allows to perform measurements at the location of your choice and after adding the sensor to the LPAD-7 the sensor data is automatically mapped to the system registers room temperature and humidity.

Device wake up can be forced by press of the service button. Dependent on the device status the device tries to join a Bluetooth Mesh network, find a friend which allows the device to operate as low power node or simply transmits sensor data.

A service button press is always acknowledged by status LED blinking, the LED is also used to indicate power-up and firmware update procedure.


  • Easy integration with Bluetooth Mesh enabled LOYTEC devices (e.g. LPAD-7)
  • Bluetooth Mesh based sensor, supports low power node feature
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Battery powered, expected battery lifetime: 2 years
  • Battery level reporting
  • Supports firmware update
  • Service Push Button for manual interaction
  • LED for optical feedback

LOYBT-TEMP1 Bluetooth Mesh Temperature Sensor Products

LOYBT-TEMP1Bluetooth Mesh temperature sensor (5 pieces per package)
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