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Product News

Monday, March 19 2018

We are continuously improving our product portfolio and are delighted to present several new LOYTEC devices. Further information can be found in the product specification in the respective datasheets.


The LDALI-MS2 Multi-Sensor supports DALI-2 and comes with an improved presence detection zone diameter of 10.8 m at 3 m mounting height. An increased number of detection zones guarantees a finer detection resolution. Thus, the sensor is optimized for use in typical environments, where even the small movements of somebody working at a desk have to be detected across the complete detection area.
Similar lux sensor resolution and range were improved to allow precise constant light control even at low lux levels.

The LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Coupler will be DALI-2 compliant and will consume less bus power than its predecessor LDALI-BM1. The housing was optimized for mounting behind standard switches. Similar preconfectioned wires drastically reduce installation time. 

The L-RC1 IR Remote Control is optimized for room automation applications, allowing to control the rooms lights, sunblinds and HVAC system. It supports to individually cotrol up to two channels (groups of luminaires/blinds) and scene control. The L-RC1 is compatible with LDALI-MS2 and L-STAT devices.

Friday, February 23 2018
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Thursday, December 21 2017
  • NIC - LOYTEC Network Interface Software 4.2.3
    This software package includes all needed drivers and tools to run and
    develop applications on LOYTEC Network Interfaces.
  • LPA Software 3.7.2
    The LPA is a software package that is used for protocol analysis of CEA709 and
    CEA852 networks. It runs on LOYTEC Network Interfaces such as NIC709-USB100 or NIC852.
Thursday, October 19 2017

We are continuously improving our product portfolio and are delighted to present several new LOYTEC devices right before the turn of the year. These are the changes that await you put in a nutshell. Further information can be found in the product specification in each datasheet.

The L‑INX Automation Servers LINX‑153 and LINX‑154 are powerful, programmable automation stations, which can be programmed by L‑STUDIO. The L‑INX Automation Servers can host user specific graphical pages and can integrate physical I/ Os through L‑IOB I/ O Modules via LIOB‑Connect, LIOB‑FT, or LIOB‑IP.

The L‑INX Automation Servers LINX‑215 are programmable automation stations with integrated graphical visualization for central automation tasks in BACnet and LonMark networks.

The LIOB‑586/588/589 I/ O Controllers are IP-enabled, compact, programmable automation stations for LonMark Systems and BACnet/ IP networks with physical inputs and outputs and integrated graphical visualization.

The LDALI‑PLC4 controllers are powerful, freely programmable lighting controllers, which can be programmed by L‑STUDIO. With Alarming, Scheduling, Trending and e-mail notification (AST™) the LDALI‑PLC4 controller is a perfect solution for DALI lighting systems with application requirements not covered by the standard application of the non-programmable L‑DALI controllers.

 The LMPBUS-804 connects up to four MP-Bus channels with up to 64 MP-Bus slaves to the USB port of the L‑INX Automation Server, L‑ROC Controller or L‑GATE Gateway Controller.