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Product News

Tuesday, July 08 2014
LWEB-802, LWEB-803
  • LWEB-803 Visualization 2.0
    The graphical user interface LWEB-800 is replaced by LWEB-803. LWEB-803 has been developed as a desktop version of the LWEB-802 web application and is based on the same source code. This has the advantage that the behavior of both versions of the visualization is identical and new features can be implemented faster.
Thursday, December 12 2013
Friday, September 20 2013

LOYTEC pushes communication via Ethernet/IP further into the field level. The LIOB-55x/58x family of products for BACnet/IP and the LIOB-45x/48x family of products for LON/IP are now equipped with two Ethernet ports and a built-in Ethernet switch. Up to twenty devices can be daisy-chained in an Ethernet ring this way. Cabling of the devices is easily done with prefabricated, cheap Ethernet patch wires – plug-in and done. The distance between two modules can amount up to 100 m. So the full extent of the ring can add up to 2,000 m.


Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol Guarantees Security of Communication

The Ethernet ring ideally is connected with two separate Ethernet switches to the building network. It is important to utilize switches, which support the rapid spanning tree protocol RSTP. In case one of the devices in the ring fails or the Ethernet ring is broken – e.g. by unplugging an Ethernet cable – this is recognized by the Ethernet switches. The two resulting Ethernet segments now are operated separately by the two Ethernet switches. Communication between all still working devices is maintained.

Different Combinations of Devices in One Ethernet Ring

This concept is particularly advantageous when exclusively using LOYTEC devices with two Ethernet ports. Besides the already described L-IOB devices, this includes some versions of the L-INX Automation Servers, L-VIS Touch Panels, and L-DALI Controllers.

Ethernet Simple as a Bus Now

With this concept, the usage of Ethernet down to field level becomes highly attractive. In using prefabricated Ethernet patch cables, error sources tend to zero and costs remain comparable to bus cabling. The advantages of Ethernet/IP clearly prevail.

L-IOB I/O Controllers
L-IOB I/O Modules