Product News

Tuesday, August 08 2017

The Network Interface Software consists of NIC device drivers (NIC709-IP1E100, NIC709-IP3E100, NIC709-IP1E100C, NIC709-IP3E100C, NIC709-PCI100, NIC709-USB100) and supports all LOYTEC devices with RNI (Remote Network Interface).

Friday, June 16 2017

L-LOGICAD Software, the programming tool (IEC 61131-3) for all programmable L-INX Automation Servers (LINX-11x, LINX-21x, LINX-12x, LINX-22x, LINX-15x) as well as the programmable L-IOB I/O Controllers (LIOB-18x, LIOB-48x, LIOB-58x and LIOB-59x).

Programming and software licensing overview

Thursday, February 02 2017

The LOYTEC Graphics Library is now available and can be downloaded for free. The Graphics Library contains graphical elements in png, mng and svg format for designing user interfaces in L-VIS or L-WEB.