BEMAX Arena in Podgorica, Montenegro, 2020

bemax googleOne would never guess that the building was used as a swimming hall for decades when visiting Bemax Arena for the very first time. Even though the building was initially opened in the seventies it now offers modern design and high-level building automation technology. The efficient use of the locally available geothermal energy of the Moraca River as well as the purpose-related communication of the adjacent buildings operated in a network had to be taken into consideration. The meaningful integration of different technologies and manufacturers resulted in a multifunctional sports and event hall more than 6000 people can enjoy.

The wide range of uses includes the press center, which can be regarded as an office space, VIP rooms, first-aid rooms, anti-doping areas and an intensively used fitness center. Also, the main hall itself, whether used for training, competition or for concerts, needs to be optimally operated. Here, for example, the spectator stands up to the stage for music events with special acoustic sensitivity. Among the challenges was the high density of different types of control technology. 

For the experienced system integrator Skopos, the project proved to be a welcome alteration compared to the usual routines consisting of integrating fan coils, air handling units, heat recovery units, heat pumps, frequency converters, CO2 measurements, hot water preparation and monitoring of the fire alarm system and fire dampers. Above all, the high level of efficiency of the heat pump operated by the water of the Moraca River and the implementation of a sustainable overall solution are project highlights.

Jovica Živković CEO, Skopos: "The easy-to-use, high interoperability of LOYTEC products has not only saved us time and cost pressure but has brought us high-level customer satisfaction."

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-INX Automation ServerL-IOB I/O ModulesL-IOB I/O Controllers

Location Podgorica, Montenegro
Number of nodes  
Topology IP
Companies involved Competence partner Skopos d.o.o.
LOYTEC Components

1x LINX-153 Automation Server
2x LINX-215 Automation Server
1x LIOB-588 I/O Controller
13x LIOB-101 I/O Module
12x LIOB-102 I/O Module
1x LIOB-550 I/O Module

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