Test Laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark, 2020

Aarhus Lab

Solutions: VAV, Energy Data Acquisition

The test laboratory in Aarhus, a project of GH Connect, LOYTEC Competence Center in Scandinavia, is a showcase project in many ways. Even though the project was finished in record time, taking only 10 weeks from ground zero to starting operation, there were no compromises made. Keeping laboratory and maintenance personnel as safe as possible is the top priority and the result was choosing LOYTEC technology. 

Controlled via web-browser 

The test laboratory is located in Aarhus in the middle of Jutland and controlled remotely from a web-browser in Copenhagen (~250 km distance). Via the LOYTEC L-IOB I/O Controller and the LTE-800 Interface, important status indicators can be monitored at any time. Detailed reports make tasks and workflows visible and help to avoid downtime and associated maintenance time - especially critical in test laboratories in the healthcare industry in general. 

LOYTEC controls enable the following features:

  • Monitoring room conditions (temperature and pressure)
  • Monitoring large numbers of refrigerators and freezers (temperature)
  • Automatic doors (operation and interlock)
  • Monitoring and controlling HVAC
  • Monitoring heat/cooling pumps
  • Monitoring fan coils
  • Monitoring emergency power generators
  • Alarming and logging in general

Diagnosing problems and fixing them remotely

Parameters such as temperature, humidity and air circulation – controlled and monitored centrally – affect the spread of pathogens in the air. Therefore, building automation can help protect against infection and increase the safety of the lab facility's personnel considerably. Rooms with negative pressure isolate contaminated air until a controlled discharge is performed.


The test laboratory is a showcase project for energy efficient operation of a building and also the creation of a workplace that is both ecologically responsible and adheres to rigorous safety standards for your employees.

aarhus2 aarhus3 aarhus4  aarhus6 aarhus7Aarhus Lab

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-INX Automation ServersL-IOB I/O Controller, LTE InterfaceL-IOB I/O Module

Location Aahrus, Denmark
Number of nodes  -
Protocols LTE
Companies involved GH Connect A/S
LOYTEC products

1 x LINX-153 Automation Server
4 x LPOW-2460B Power Supply
1 x LIOB-586 I/O Controller
1 x LTE-800 Interface
15 x LIOB-152 I/O Module

LOYTEC tools L-STUDIO Tool Platform
L-INX Configurator
L-VIS/L-WEB Configurator