Aurelium, Boulogne-Billancourt, France, 2022

Image ©2022 Google This is VINCI Immobilier's second office building in the new "Rives de Seine" district in Boulogne-Billancourt. It offers 10,000 M² of office space and 159 parking spaces. It is located at 1 Cours de l’île Seguin. Audacious architecture for a high-performance building benefiting from the NF Bâtiments Tertiaires – Démarche HQE® certification. This building has 8 levels and a mezzanine, including a company restaurant and 2 conference rooms. It was the architect Dominique Perrault who designed this building, himself at the origin of the François Mitterrand library. It is the Parisian integrator CLIM ENERGY SYSTEM, whose main business is renovation, who is responsible for this project and who chose LOYTEC for the electricity package. The LOYTEC L-INX and L-IOB programmable logic controllers were chosen to report the status of the circuit breakers in the electrical cabinets, in particular those dedicated to the common areas, for controlling the departures of the lighting circuits in the hall and car park and for measuring the pulses from the energy meters. These energy meters measure the consumption of lighting circuits and power outlets. LOYTEC automations are also in charge of the ascent summaries of faults, emergency stops and the position of the general circuit breaker. The supervision used is PCVUE because it is known and appreciated by the automation engineers of CLIM ENERGY SYSTEM and it communicates in BACnet IP with the LOYTEC controllers. The planner office is ALTERNET and works for the account of the owner, CREDIT AGRICOLE.


Despite the many hazards related to Covid and the presence of employees in their offices, this project went perfectly well. More projects utilizing LOYTEC HVAC control products are already in preparation. The L-STUDIO programming tool is very powerful, especially for cases where we wanted to reuse function blocks for other L-INX controllers dedicated to different areas. LOYTEC technical support has always been present, available and of invaluable help because it always gives good advice and is quick on the best practices to adopt.

Image ©2022 Google LOYTEC devices

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-IOB ControllersL-INX Automation Servers

Location Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Number of nodes 34
Networking protocols Ethernet, BACnet IP
Partner companies ClIM ENERGY SYSTEM
LOYTEC products 4x LINX-215 Automation Server
1x LIOB-550 I/O Controller
9x LIOB-551 I/O Controller
2x LIOB-554 I/O Controller
2x LIOB-580 I/O Controller
3x LIOB-581 I/O Controller
LOYTEC tools LINX-Configurator