Office Building in Athens, Greece, 2020

famous phone company

This headquarters of a famous telephone company is located in the center of Athens and consists of two buildings with 4 floors above ground and a garage. More than 500 employees use the office building that also includes a datacenter. Annual energy consumption reaches about 5300000 kw/h of electricity. The project realized focuses on energy efficiency and implements a BEMS supervision system with local and remote management. 

Developing the BEMS using LWEB-900

Sistemi Integrati, LOYTEC Competence Partner, took care of planing energy audit and an executive project for the new BEMS, the supply and installation of all the DDC components planned, and the construction of the dedicated electrical system, as well as commissioning, start-up and creation of dedicated graphic pages with energy analysis reports. The realized system controls a total number of 1872 lighting fixtures of which 1666 are connected via DALI, 73 VRF air conditioners via BACnet protocol, and 68 power meters via Modbus protocol. 

Remarkable energy savings

The operating logics implemented have led to remarkable energy savings and a significant improvement in environmental comfort. The system has a local supervision station using L-WEB software and is accessible remotely by the client. Energy analysis and continuous improvement of performance as well as technical assistance is contractually provided for a period of two years. The lighting management guarantees an illuminance of 500 lux thanks to the management of the lighting fixtures on DALI protocol, and the implementation of LDALI-MS2 multi-sensors, which time the switching and dimming of the lamps and through presence control and also control all the terminal units of the air conditioning system by acting on the switching on and modulation of the temperature set-point. Every single window (122 in total) has been equipped with a wireless magnetic EnOcean contact, which allows the air conditioning units to be switched off if a window is opened.


In the office areas, mostly open space, the automatic seasonal changeover function has been implemented to control individual room temperatures depending on the outside temperature. This controls ventilation and heat recovery in the best possible way and guarantees a maximum comfort to the occupants. Energy consumption can be monitored by implementing the existing power meter switchboards via Modbus communication - installed on the various distribution lines of the individual areas: lighting, driving force, air conditioning, UPS


Energy saving during project planing were expected around 12.8%. Actual energy savings reached 17.4% in 2019 - to the great satisfaction of the customer.

 consumption trend details  consumption trend total Architecture Vodafone Athene K2

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-INX Automation Server, L-DALI BACnet Controller, L-ENO EnOcean Interfaces, L-DALI Multi-sensorsLWEB-900 Building Management

Location Stratigou Makrigianni 88, Athens, Greece
Number of nodes  -
Topology DALI, BACnet, Modbus, EnOcean
Companies involved Sistemi Integrati srl – Napoli (IT)
LOYTEC Components

4 x LINX-215 Automation Servers
5 x LDALI-ME204-U DALI Lighting Controllers
4 x LENO-800 EnOcean Interfaces
61 x LDALI-MS2 Multi-sensors

LOYTEC Tools LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System