Hotel Royal Óbidos, Portugal, 2014

Hotel Evolutee Portugal Copyright: Miguel CostaThe five-star Evolutee Hotel is located in the western region of Portugal. The hotel is part of the Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort. It has 40 rooms including two suites. The hotel further offers a spa, health club, indoor pool, several restaurant and bars, a conference center with a capacity of 315 people, and an outdoor pool. Located on the coastal strip of Portugal, 45 minutes from Lisbon, it occupies an enviable geographic location, offering superb views of the Atlantic Ocean, golf course, and Lake Óbidos.

Only materials and techniques that meet environmental standards were used for the construction of the building, along with the efficient technology of LOYTEC that was implemented by the LOYTEC systems integrator RACE.

The integral solution includes the following features:

  • Central production and distribution of hot and cold water
  • Integration of the climate control system via Modbus
  • Control of the ventilation system
  • Measurement of thermal energy
  • Control of the Lighting
  • Energy and water metering  and respective reports
  • Monitoring of power distribution blocks and generator groups
  • Integration of fan coils via BACnet MS/TP

Hotel Evolutee Portugal Visualization of chiller and heat pump Visualization of the ventilation system

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-220, LINX-210, LINX-110LIOB-450, LIOB-451, LIOB-452, L-MBUS

Location Óbidos, Portugal 
Number of Nodes 105
Topology BACNET MS/TP, Lonworks FT10, IP network, Modbus RTU, M-Bus
Companies involved RACE, Hotel Royal Óbidos
LOYTEC Components 3 x LINX-220,
4 x LINX-210,
1 x LINX-110,
1 x LIOB-450,
33 x LIOB-451,
31 x LIOB-452,
1 x L-MBUS