Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Zürich.

The Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville has been a fixture of Zurich’s Paradeplatz for decades. After a comprehensive renovation, the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich has opened its doors in winter 2023. This exclusive landmark, newly designed by the interior architect Tristan Auer, is located in the heart of the historic city next to the enchanting promenade leading to Lake Zurich. The Mandarin Oriental Savoy combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication and incredible service, making it one of the top destinations for guests from around the world. The property features 80 suites, 3 restaurants, a rooftop bar, and a fitness center in the basement. On the first floor, there are private dining rooms, a historic guild hall, and a large ballroom. Of course, this also includes the necessary service areas, several office spaces, and restaurant kitchens.


Develop a cutting-edge solution to automate 80 hotel rooms

Drastically decrease commissioning time



LOYTEC Partner

Pentacontrol AG


Zürich, Switzerland


L-DALI Controllers

LINX-215 Automation Servers

L-MBUS Interfaces

The Solution.

A project of this magnitude demands a cutting-edge concept. The planning requirements and the goals of the client must be harmonized with the technical capabilities and capacities of the integrator. The LOYTEC portfolio is tailored to meet these specific requirements. For the 80 hotel rooms solution, there is a synergy of DALI (lighting), KNX (control and actuation), and Modbus (climate control) integrated in the room controller. Each room solution features over 30 individually tailored lights, luxurious KNX control keypads, linked sunblindes and shading functions, including room climate control, and a doorbell with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ function. In addition, as is customary in hotels, there is integration with the hotel reservation and housekeeping system, which communicates customer-specific preferences along with check-in and check-out processes.

Primary systems are implemented in well-known automation technology. PentaControl AG has been working with L-STUDIO for some time and has implemented its own standards. Among other things, the important BACnet standard required by many public clients in Switzerland according to KBOB is implemented. Alarm server and energy management are implemented in this project using separate tools. An experienced team under the knowledgeable leadership of David L. set the project in motion. Following an efficient schema processing, the cabinets were manufactured and delivered on schedule. As is often the case, project timelines tend to deviate, requiring the system integrator to deliver their services in a fraction of the originally estimated time towards the end of the construction period.


Thanks to excellent preparatory work, commissioning could be carried out promptly. Within a short period, initial inspections and completions were succesfully reported. Since this building has numerous rooms, each with unique characteristics, the ambiance for almost every room needs to be individually tailored. This effort was neither foreseen nor budgeted. It’s always exciting when, towards the end of the project, the building gradually reveals its character, the infrastructure harmonizes with the architecture, and the final product takes shape.


In this oasis of discreet luxury in the heart of Zurich, the guest always comes first. Comprehensive building automation, supported by innovative solutions, creates a unique atmosphere that meets the highest standards.

Welcome to a world where elegance and technology blend into a harmonious overall experience. You can find it at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich Hotel.


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