SKAN HQ in Allschwil.

SKAN, a pioneer and market leader in cleanroom equipment and the construction of isolators for the pharmaceutical industry, moved into its new headquarters in Allschwil on July 5, 2021. All employees are now united under one roof in the new prestigious company headquarters and benefit from an inspiring working atmosphere. The modern and timeless new building reflects the company’s highly developed and unique products.


To find an integral solution that seamlessly interconnects shading, lighting, and HVAC control to ensure the highest interoperability

To ensure maximum energy efficiency through the use of a powerful building management system.


LOYTEC Partner

Base Automation 


Allschwil, Basel - Switzerland


LROC-400 Room Controller
LDALI-PLC4 Lighting Controller
LINX-153 Automation Server
L-STAT Operator Panel

The Solution.

The project consisted of a basic construction for the client and a tenant fit-out for the main tenant SKAN, who will be renting the building on a long-term basis. BASE Automation GmbH, an experienced LOYTEC integrator, was commissioned by the joint venture to implement the entire building automation system for HVAC processing systems based on the powerful L-INX Automation Servers from LOYTEC. The sophisticated room automation with light, sunblind, and room climate control was implemented using the flexible L-ROC system from LOYTEC.

The building features an energy center, housing a large heat pump and a reversible refrigeration machine for heating and cooling water preparation. The energy for this is extracted from the ground using geothermal probes and fed back into the system. In addition to the waste heat from refrigeration production, the waste heat from the air compressors is also used in an energy-efficient manner. Heat and cold are supplied to the individual floors via riser zones and distributed on these floors via ring pipes so that the energy is available for air conditioning the rooms throughout the building.

The air is treated by various HVAC systems for the different zones (assembly hall, laboratory, office, etc.) and distributed throughout the building. The complete regulation of all treatment systems, the laboratories with VAV and pressure stage concept as well as various airlock controls were implemented with LOYTEC L-INX Automation Servers and L-IOB Controllers.

The room automation is based on the interoperable LOYTEC LROC-400 controllers and LDALI-PLC4 controllers. They handle the entire air conditioning (radiators, heated/chilled ceilings, air volumes) as well as the lighting on DALI-2 and the shading via BACnet MS/TP blind actuators.

All relevant measurement data for the room automation system are provided by a weather station and L-STAT room controllers. The L-ROC efficiently controls and regulates the processes of room climate control, lighting, and shading, ensuring the highest level of comfort.


Thanks to LOYTEC‘s modern and flexible room automation solution with the LROC-400 controllers, the high project requirements and customer wishes were successfully fulfilled. Efficient implementation during the integration phase was also guaranteed at all times.


The outstanding flexibility and innovation of LOYTEC systems, including LWEB-900, LROC-400, LDALI-PLC4, L-INX, and L-IOB controllers, have facilitated a seamless integration of lighting, blinds, and HVAC systems in the building. This has resulted in a comprehensive solution with excellent comfort for both the building owner and tenants.

The efficient management and maintenance of the system are ensured through LOYTEC’s LWEB-900 BMS (Building Management System). An additional success factor is the seamless integration and transmission of alarm data to the external alarm system of the SKAN company using OPC-UA. The progress of implementing additional, site-wide system expansions is already in full swing.

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