Shopping Center Allegro, Setúbal, Portugal, 2014

Allegro SetúbalAllegro Setúbal is the first shopping center of the city of Setúbal. It intends to meet the needs of the citizens for facilities, entertainment, and commerce. The shopping center resulted from a Jumbo hypermarket enlargement. It has an area of 137,000 square meters, a total of 115 shops, 20 restaurants, and 10 movie theaters, in addition to the existing Jumbo hypermarket that is spread across a gross leasable area of 41,200 square meters on three floors. It further includes a car park with a capacity of 2,600 cars. The new shopping center aims at reducing energy consumption, enhancing the environmental comfort for the customers, and also preserving vegetal species in providing green areas with meeting and social spaces.

The integral solution was developed and installed by the LOYTEC Competence Partner RACE and is controlled and monitored by LOYTEC components. It includes the following features: 

  • Control of the smoke extraction system
  • Control of the fire damper actuators with the integration of LON
  • Central production and distribution of hot and cold water
  • Monitoring and control of the production of hot and cold water
  • Integration of the climate control system via Modbus
  • Control of the ventilation system
  • Measurement of thermal energy via M-Bus
  • Control of lighting
  • Energy and water metering and respective reports
  • Monitoring of mechanical transportation
  • Monitoring of power distribution blocks and generator groups
  • Monitoring of doors (automatic and security)
  • Monitoring of pumping water systems

Alegro Setúbal Control Cabinet with LOYTEC devicesControl Cabinet with LOYTEC devices

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-220LINX-210LINX-110LIOB-150, LIOB-151LIOB-152LIOB-100, LIOB-101L-MBUS

Location Setúbal, Portugal 
Number of Nodes ca. 450
Topology BACNET MS/TP, Lonworks FT10, IP network via Glass Fiber, Modbus RTU, M-Bus
Companies involved RACE, Immochan 
LOYTEC Components    17 x LINX-220,
10 x LINX-210,
2 x LINX-110,
93 x LIOB-150,
86 x LIOB-151,
114 x LIOB-152,
30 x LIOB-100,
20 x LIOB-101,
1 x L-MBUS