LDALI-PD1 Phase-Cut Dimmer Module




  • Easy integration into LOYTEC L-DALI lighting system and LROC-40x room automation controllers
  • Device configuration with the free LINX Configurator or via the built-in web server of the L-DALI controller
  • Dimmable built-in phase-cut dimmer
  • Automatic load detection and selection of leading or trailing edge phase-cut dimming
  • Suitable for phase-cut dimmed consumers like dimmable retrofit LED and CFL lamps, halogen lamps, …
  • Wide range voltage support (85‑240 V AC 50/60Hz)
  • Up to 64 LDALI‑PD1 modules per DALI channel with sufficient dimensioned bus supply
  • Supplied via DALI channel
  • Electrically isolated between DALI and mains
  • Open circuit detection
  • DALI specification IEC 62386‑102 and IEC 62386‑205 supported
  • Firmware update via DALI