Ishbylia Intermediate Girls School, Kuwait, 2017

Terminal 2

For the development of the educational buildings the Ministry of Education in Kuwait asked for a central BMS. This building management systems has to operate and integrate with the mechanical, electrical, and low voltage system for monitoring, controlling, and reporting. Ahmed Ishaq Co. as LOYTEC System Integrator/Full-Service Operator Asia presented an innovative solution with a reliable system that ensures cost reduction, energy savings, easier maintenance, and an operator-friendly user interface.

The school consists of two main buildings, educational classrooms and labs, an administration building, an additional basketball court, a mosque, and an building for power supply as well as a reception building. The school is serviced by mechanical, electrical low voltage and security systems.

Mechanical System
The school is serviced by 23 package unit 2 stages for ventilation and cooling. They are controlled by LOYTEC LSTAT-80x-G3-L1 network thermostats that are distributed over 3 L-INX automation servers and controlling the units by 23 LIOB-55x by L-IOB IP mode. The sequence of operation is determined by the pre-set time schedule. Override by the user is accepted for a certain amount of time, and occupancy is considered. Also, domestic water pumps are controlled by LIOB-55x I/O modules in auto-mode.

Power Supply System
The schools electrical loads are operated by two 1 MVA distribution transformers as separated feeders. Each feeder is connected with a 850 kVA generator through 1600 ampere ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), and there are also two 10 kW UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for critical loads. A full monitoring of the system status on the GUI using LWÈB-802 and LWEB-900 (with ability of controlling ON/OFF for distribution and lighting panels) regarding the serviced zone is made possible via L-INX Automation Servers and LIOB-55x: Recording energy metering, rush-hours of energy consumption are reported. In addition network components like THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) ensure grid quality. The UPS charging status and values for all parameters ensure the backup system quality.

Lighting System
The school has 21 classrooms, labs, and administration offices that consist of 54 zones in total. These are distributed over 14 DALI devices LDALI-3E104 – 4 per channel to control more than 1620 DALI electric ballast. Each serviced area includes 2 LDALI-MS1 multisensors providing details for lux and occupancy. Via LDALI-BM1 pushbutton coupler three pre-set modes (AUTO-50%, manual dimming, ON/OFF) can be selected. Constant Light Control is applied for each zone via LonMark functional profile to implement and achieve the lux level required on the working plan. This setup manages to assure maximum comfort and energy efficiency by linking occupancy and lux level under further consideration of auto burn-in for fluorescent lamps. Full monitoring and controlling through GUI is available through LWEB-802 and LWEB-900 via L-INX automation server on LonMark interface (CEA-709) using DALI devices.

Low voltage and system integration
The school is secured by an addressable fire alarm system for each zone, with smoke and heat detectors depending on the zone nature, enabling warning in case of fire and evacuation according to the instructions of civil defense. The whole fire alarm system is integrated in the LOYTEC BMS graphical user interface on L-INX automation server via BACnet-IP protocol. The status of each detector is shown, and it is also possible to estimate a potential fire location. The access control system is integrated and enables the user to control the doors in case of emergency if an access card is not available. A PBX system is also integrated, to make all systems easier accessible and to provide the operator with a backup system that can help during system operation.


Ishbylia Intermediate Girls School


Interesting Facts

Location Ishbylia province at Al Farwaniyah Governorate in Kuwait

Number of Nodes -
Topology -

Companies involved LOYTEC Competence Partner Ahmed Ishaq Co.

LOYTEC Components                2 x LINX-221 Automation Server
1 x LINX-213 Automation Server
14 x LDALI-3E104-U Lighting Controller
2 x LIOB-550 I/O Module
22 x LIOB-552 I/O Module
5 x LIOB-553 I/O Module
138 x LIOB-151 I/O Module
 23 x L-STAT-80x-G3-L1 Network Thermostat
108 x LDALI-MS1 Multisensor 
 54 x LDALI-BM1 Pushbutton Coupler


LWEB-802 Visualization via Web Browser
LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System