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Schlumberger Factory, Guebwiller, France, 2016

Schlumberger NSCThe subsidiary of Arcom, Arcom Alsace Lorraine, participated in the renovation of a zone of the Schlumberger factory. This zone was formerly used as a factory and was converted to an office zone in the course of renovation. Schlumberger building, to which the competitive cluster Fibres Energivies awarded the “demonstrator building” label, aimed on creating a high level quality office in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and state of the art attractiveness.

Already at the beginning of the design phase of this pilot building, the idea of energy usage reduction through an optimised usage of natural light, natural cooling, and energy recovered from the exhaust air, isolation, etc. has been taken into considerations.

During the project phase, Arcom Alsace Lorraine installed a building automation system that allows the building to be monitored and managed completely automatically while allowing the users to override the system locally in terms of lighting, sun blinds, and temperature. Even the meeting room is equipped with an air handling unit in order to renew the air in an optimal way.

The room control has been designed depending on the room types that are either office rooms or meeting rooms.

In case of office rooms equipped with a window, keeping in mind the goal of energy saving, in addition to a scheduler and the management of the occupancy mode, different scenarios have been implemented:

  • Priority sun blind control in case of a cooling or heating demand,
  • Automatic light level control, override mode in case of an open window,
  • Temperature set point offset limited for the users.

For meeting rooms, the specific actions are:

  • Management of the air renewal by means of a presence detector and an air quality sensor,
  • Management of lighting and temperature that are either controlled with the help of a presence detector or manually with a limitation in the set point values.

Interesting Facts


Rue de la République, Guebwiller, France

Number of Nodes

approx. 67


LON FT/10, Modbus RTU, M-Bus, IP852

Companies involved     

Arcom Alsace Lorraine, BET SERAT, Cabinet, Bernard Leibenguth, Archidesign, SARL Gilles, Henry, CHRISTEN SARL, Fibres Energivie

LOYTEC Components  

2 x LINX-120, 3 x LIOB-101, 5 x LIOB-102, 4 x LIOB A2, 1 x L MBUS20, 1 x LVIS-3ME12-A1, 1 x LPOW-2415A, 1 x LIOB-100, LWEB-900

LOYTEC Tools L-Logicad, L-INX Configurator, L-VIS Configurator