Quartier 17, Hanseatic City Stralsund, Germany, 2014

Quartier 17 from a bird's-eye viewThe LOYTEC Competence Partner Dr. Diestel has been awarded the contract of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG for the control and visualization of different room air conditioning systems of the newly built Quartier 17 in the Hanseatic City Stralsund in Germany. The Quartier 17 comprises 24 single houses on about 17,500 m² that are used for office and gastronomy areas, an underground parking area, and also 24 apartments.

In the scope of the project, different LOYTEC devices have been implemented to guarantee a proper functionality. The integral solution includes the following features:

Basement and underground parking

In the basement and the underground parking area, LOYTEC controllers are used for controlling fans and the fire technology. The visualization of these plants is done by L-VIS Touch Panels.

Commercial renting in the upper floors

The control of the ventilation system was unified by using the same hardware and uniting data points on one level for the interaction of the automation stations. LOYTEC controllers control 13 ventilation and air conditioning systems, partly with decentralized recirculation units. Instead of a building management system (BMS), decentralized control units with a central visualization connection via the internal IP network are used. Because of using the existing IP network, infrastructure costs could be reduced.

Split-cooling connection of different rentals

The data points of the split-cooling system are made available through LON gateways via L-IP and L-INX OPC and are provided to the central visualization system.

Incorporation of external units

Messages received from external units as lifting units, the emergency power supply, boilers, and overhead doors, etc. get incorporated and visualized. These messages are partly linked to the monitoring technology of the underground parking area.

Remote diagnosis

An Internet connection on all devices allows for remote diagnosis and the transmission of malfunction messages. The connection of VPN is also available.

Quartier 17 Visualization of recirculation units Visualization of the ventilation system Overview of the ventilation systems' switching times

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-120, LIOB-100, LIOB-101, LIOB-120, LIOB-A2LIOB-450, LVIS-3E100, LPOW-2415A, LIP-33ECTB

Location Hanseatic City Stralsund, Germany
Topology LON, FT10, IP network
Companies involved Dr. Diestel,  TLG IMMOBILIEN AG 
LOYTEC Components         7 x LINX-120,
16 x LIOB-100,
10 x LIOB-101,
9 x LIOB-102,
27 x LIOB-A2,
3 x LIOB-450,
2 x LVIS-3E100,
17 x LPOW-2415A,
5 x LIP-33ECTB