IndustriepreisEvery year the best industrial companies are awarded with the "Industry Award" by Huber Publishing House for New Media. The award shall emphasize the enterprises' strength and innovative energy. High technological, economical, ecological or social value are the criteria which the top-class expert jurors take as a basis in evaluating the submissions. The jury consists of 30 professors an expert journalists. This high number and constellation grants objective appraisal and makes the award unique in the industry.

LOYTEC was nominated for the leaderboard in the category "Electrical engineering" with the project "Energy efficient lighting and sun blinds control in the tallest building of the Basque country - Iberdrola Tower". This huge business center in Bilbao consists of 41 floors, where 20.000 DALI luminaries and 5.000 automated sun blinds are controlled via 70 L-DALI Controllers and 35 L-INX Automation Servers.

Lonmark-Award-2012_WEB-300pxFor the fourth time in succession LOYTEC was awarded "Best Infrastructure Product of the Year" by LonMark International. Against keen international competition LOYTECs LGATE-950 Universal Gateway could come out the winner of this worldwide contest. Nominations were judged based upon the following criteria: uniqueness of solution, addressing industry problem with effective solution, openness of solution and integration into an open ISO/IEC 14908 system. Special consideration was given to energy efficiency, industry best practice solution and sustainable design principles.
“Every year we continue to be impressed with the level of innovation from our members,” said Barry Haaser, executive director, LonMark International. “The dedication to innovation grows significantly and this year’s winners truly demonstrated superior levels of expertise with open control networking technology based on the ISO/IEC 14908 suite of standards.“

OGesundheitspreis_Josef_WojakLOYTECs Export and Logistics Department was awarded the Health Award of Upper Austria 2012. The award is presented each year by the Economic Chamber of Upper Austria to companies, which promote work place health care to a special extent. This commitment shall be rewarded. Vital criteria for the competition have been workplace design, fitness facilities for employees, staff-oriented management style and a kind of corporate culture promoting motivation of staff members. "The people employed are our capital, but also the soul and the heart of our company. This is why we meet them with appreciation, grant a say in matters of office design and provide an in-house fitnesscenter and a garden pool for well spent breaks during but also after office hours. Fruit and tea for free is a matter of course, too, " stated Josef Wojak, LOYTEC CFO, when gladly accepting the award.

Siegerehrung_ALC2012_Pleininger_Doederlein_JankAlso in 2012 LOYTEC electronics was able to rank among "Austria's Leading Companies" and conquer a place at the winners' platform of the annual ranking of the local business elite: Third place in the regional contest of Austrias capital city Vienna, seventh place in the nationwide ranking of the competition, category "small enterprise". For the incredible fifth time LOYTEC is among the winners of this prestigious business contest. With great pleasure system developer Andreas Doederlein accepted the trophy from Brigitte Jank, president of the Viennese Economic Chamber. The coveted honor to become one of "Austria's Leading Companies" is awarded annually by Wirtschaftsblatt (daily newspaper for economics), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and KSV1870. Crucial for the rating are operating and financial ratios, bonus points can be gained for sustainability.