Case studies

Devices: LINX-120, LIOB-100, LIOB-101, LIOB-120, LIOB-A2,
LIOB-450, LVIS-3E100, LPOW-2415A, LIP-33ECTB

Quartier 17A project of the LOYTEC Competence Partner Dr. Diestel regarding control and visualization of different room air conditioning systems of the newly built Quartier 17 in the Hanseatic City Stralsund in Germany.

Devices: LIOB-484, L-IP Router

MPBASThe LOYTEC Competence Partner Mechanical Products BAS (MPBAS) implemented in conjunction with the manufacturer DeVenthere Industries a fully integrated, demand controlled ventilation and heat recovery system (DVHR) with added free cooling capability meeting the ASHRAE standards 189.1 and 62.1 for Heatherbrae Elementary School.

Devices: LINX-220, LINX-210, LINX-110LIOB-150, LIOB-151
LIOB-152, LIOB-100, LIOB-101L-MBUS

Camões BuildingThe Camões Building is used as headquarters of the Court of Criminal Investigation (ICT) and the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP). The LOYTEC Competence Partner RACE implemented the project with LOYTEC equipment. The project comprises the refurbishment of the building including maintenance and conservation work.

Devices: LINX-220LINX-210LINX-110LIOB-150, LIOB-151

Allegro SetúbalThe shopping center Allegro Setúbal resulted from a Jumbo hypermarket enlargement. The integrated building automation solution was developed and installed by the LOYTEC Competence Partner RACE and is controlled and monitored by LOYTEC components.

Devices: LINX-220, LINX-210, LIOB-150, LIOB-151, 
LIOB-152, LIOB-153, LVIS-ME212, L-MBUS

Hospitals Senhor do BonfimThe private health care institution „Hospitals Senhor do Bonfirm“ (HSB) is equipped with modern and innovative facilities at national and European level that were built with excellent materials. Many of them are used for the first time in Portugal. The systems for building automation were installed and implemented by the LOYTEC system integrator RACE.

Devices: LINX-220, LINX-210, LINX-110
LIOB-450, LIOB-451, LIOB-452, L-MBUS

Hotel Evolutee PortugalThe five-star Evolutee Hotel is located in the western region of Portugal. Only materials and techniques that meet environmental standards were used for the construction of the building, along with the efficient technology of LOYTEC that was implemented by the LOYTEC systems integrator RACE.

RMZ Galleria

The retail, office, and hotel block "Galleria" in India receives a comprehensive BMS solution from the LOYTEC systems integrator Venba Tech, including monitoring an controlling of air handlers, ventilation and plumbing system, and lighting. 

LOYTEC_Headquarters_BG37The revolutionary room automation system L-ROC proves its capabilities in the new LOYTEC headquarters, where it automates heating/cooling, sunblinds, and lighting.

Serviceanlage Herdern

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG) extended the maintenance facility Herdern at the Herdern-Areal in Zurich-Altstetten to one of the most modern maintenance facilities for service and repair work. PentaControl AG was entrusted by the general contractor Allreal AG with the complete building automation, whereby it applied latest technologies.

Raiffeisenbank Lieboch-Stainz

A sustainable and comprehensive renovation of a bank branch, considering ecological, economical, and social aspects, carried out by the LOYTEC systems integrator EAM Systems GmbH.

AKDR Tower

The Indian LOYTEC systems integrator Venba Tech implemented the building management software for the AKDR Tower, an IT building in Chennai that mainly houses information technology companies. 

Passeio das Aguas ShoppingIn the "Passeio des Aguas Shopping", a newly built shopping center in Goiânia, Brazil, the LOYTEC systems integrator RACE installed HVAC, lighting, and energy metering systems, controlled and monitored by LOYTEC components.>


Terminal 2 - Manchester Airport

The LOYTEC systems integrator Calon in cooperation with the company Building Environment Control integrated a modern DALI lighting system with constant light control and occupancy detection in the Manchester Airport, terminal 2.

Parc Hotel Alvisse, LuxemburgThe PARC HOTEL ALVISSE**** was equipped with the latest technology in the course of a total renovation. L-INX Automation Servers, L-VIS Touch Panels and L-IP Routers of LOYTEC were installed that are now responsible, among other things, for visualization and integration of the indivudual room controllers of the hotel rooms.

COWI Headquarters

COWI is one of the largest consultant engineering companies in Denmark. Its headquarters is situated in Kongens Lyngby just outside the center of Copenhagen. In course of a total renovation of the building it was necessary to implement a Building Management System for ventilation, heating, and lighting.

The Warehouse

“The Warehouse” in Copenhagen is a new office building for different tenants. The new building needed an appropriate automation system for automating the functions of ventilation, heating/cooling, and lighting.

Gymnasium_Wendelstein Wendelstein high school is characterized by its trend-setting energy concept, which relies on renewable energies like geothermal heat and solar energy, on corresponding construction building physics, and the required intelligent building and HVAC automation producing low energy consumption.

Institute for Physical Chemistry

The Institute for Physical Chemistry of Christian-Albrechts University (CAU) at Kiel, Germany, was reconstructed. In particular, the installation of the ventilation system and the associated building auto­mation system was commissioned. 

RexholmIn September 2012 the construction of the new REXHOLM distribution center and warehouse was completed. The new 15,000 square meters facility is the central point for REXHOLM’s textile business in Scandinavia.

sonycityosaki_tokyo The R&D facility of Sony Corporation at Sony City Osaki is equipped with a wide range of energy-saving features that ensure an outstanding environmental performance. These include....

Devices: LINX-100

ZooStLouis_Sealion Sea Lion Sound is a new exhibit for the Zoo of St. Louis, opening in June 2012. According to the zoo's website: “For the first time anywhere in North America, visitors will walk through an underwater tunnel into the sea lions' habitat to see the animals swimming all around them!....

Devices: LVIS-ME212

Oil_Rig Offshore oil rigs have stringent design considerations for mechanical and control systems. Special materials and durability is a must to last in the conditions of salt air. This requires that the mechanicals have special skills.

city of chandler_fire-deptThe City of Chandler, Arizona, marks 100 years of age in May 2012. Chandler describes itself as “an All-America City where entrepreneurial spirit and hometown traditions intermingle to make Chandler a truly fun place to be. Chandler has exceptional services, a diverse culture and a vibrant history.”

CalPlazaGarageCalifornia Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA had the task of upgrading the 200,000 square foot, three level covered parking garage for their ten story Class A office. The existing system ran on a preset time schedule and did not provide condition status of the exhaust fans.

kuhlenwall The administration building of Sparkasse Duisburg, situated at a first class location in Duisburg’s downtown, became revitalized entirely. In constructional and ecological terms the building was brought to an as-good-as-new-level.