Aquarium in Antalya.

The Antalya Aquarium with an indoors area of more than 15.000 square meters is one of biggest aquarium complexes. With a length of 131 meters and a width of three meters, it is actually having the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. Beside the tunnel aquarium with a capacity of more than 5 million liters of water there are 39 thematic aquariums, a Snow World, an Ice Museum, an Oceanride XD Cinema, restaurants and souvenir shops located in the building complex. This makes it the most vibrant center of attraction in Antalya.


Aim to reduce the hardware costs and integration time

Retrofit need to integrate different co-existing systems and improve them



LOYTEC Partner



Antalya, Turkey


LINX-153 Automation Server

LKNX-300 Interface

The Solution.

The project involved integrating 19 air-handling units via Modbus RTU, which was relatively straightforward. However, the real challenge lay in integrating the rest of the equipment. Initially, the project used a KNX TP-based solution that couldn’t collect trend data, generate reports, or run alarm servers, failing to meet customer requirements. Additionally, there was a need to connect edge devices to a local energy management and analytics system provided by a third-party installer who also installed energy analyzers in the building’s power boards.

To address these complex integration challenges, the preferred solution was the LOYTECs L-INX Automation Server with an LKNX-300 KNX extension module. This product efficiently manages air-handling units, providing control, visualization, and monitoring capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with KNX-based field bus systems, offers data trend storage, enables report generation for local authorities, and facilitates data transmission to an upper-level EMS system. This choice effectively resolved the project’s integration difficulties.


Thanks to the integrated gateway and control functionality of the L-INX Automation Server, LOYTEC Competence Center in Turkey has successfully met all the customer’s integration requirements using just one piece of hardware. This approach significantly reduced hardware costs and integration time.


Integrating, monitoring, and controlling different protocols and systems can be quite complex, often requiring additional hardware like gateway solutions and consuming a significant amount of time. By sticking with the L-INX Automation Server, Termmarket was able to avoid these challenges, resulting in a building complex that not only boasts the world’s largest tunnel aquarium but also now features a fully integrated and sustainable solution.

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