Case studies

Gallileo_s.jpg The new office tower of Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt has 38 floors and offers approximately 30,000 square meters of office space.

Devices: L-Switch, LPA

Junghof_Plaza_s.jpg In the heart of Frankfurt's banking area, in Junghofstraße, a sophisticated office building called Junghof Plaza with eight upper floors and an office area of approximately 35,000 m2 has been constructed.

Devices: L-Switch, LPALSD

KfW_s.jpgOne of the most complex CEA-709 installations in Europe was realized in the new building of the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) Frankfurt by the ARGE KfW-MSR.

Devices: L-Switch, LPALSD

LKH_Rohrbach_s.jpgIn the course of renovating the hospital in Rohrbach, Austria, CEA-709 was implemented as the building control system.

Devices: L-Switch, LPALSD

CentraIPark_s.jpgThe Central Park is a new industrial park near Sossenheim, Germany. Three of the buildings there have been automated using LOYTEC components for the network infrastructure.

Devices: L-Switch, LPANIC

Citytower_Kubus_s.jpgThe City Tower and the adjacent Kubus are equipped with cutting edge building technology. The network infrastructure is made up of devices by LOYTEC.

Devices: L-Switch, LPA

Rathaus_s.jpg The shopping center in the old city hall is the new hot spot of Innsbruck. Seven cafes, bars, and restaurants cater for visitors and invite them to stay.

Devices: L-SwitchLPA

bundesschulzentrum_s.jpgThe building automation of the newly reorganized and extended federal school center in Wörgl was implemented with LOYTEC devices.

Devices: L-SwitchLPALSD

senioren_s.gifThe network infrastructure of the retirement community Wörgl is built up out of network infrastructure components from LOYTEC.

jaarbeurs_utrecht_s.jpg Jaarbeurs Utrecht is the place to meet in the Netherlands. Whether it is for a short meeting, a congress of several days, a trade fair, or any other event, Jaarbeurs Utrecht offers the appropriate facilities and services.

Devices: L-IP Router, L-VIS

lm_stuttgart_s.jpgThe 'Landesmesse Stuttgart' is a state-of-the-art showground with architectural and functional convincing buildings. A widely ramified CEA-709 network takes care of lighting and shading.